Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 15 Recap: Kaela Wants to Shake-Up the Game


Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 6 ended with Merron going home a week (or so-maybe) shy of making the juror.  Merron was sad about his eviction but others were furious about it. One of those people were Kaela, who had started to really form a strong bond with him, and see him as a potential ally for her and her showmance partner, Derek.

Derek, Kaela, and Ali were the only players to vote against Ryan and for Merron during the eviction vote. They made it no secret their plan to vote against Ryan, but it still made them appear more as outsiders to the rest of the Big Brother Canada house.

If one of them don’t win this Head of Household, it could mean they become the newest house target. Per usual, Thursday’s episode ended before we got to see the winner of the Head of Household. So let’s go back to where we left off.

BBCAN6 Week 6 Head of Household Competition:

As we left on Thursday, the competition involved houseguests keeping their hand glued to a button. If they moved their hands, then it meants they were eliminated from the competition. Big Brother would present the houseguests with temptations the longer they stayed in the game.

The player to hold on to his or her button the longests became this week’s Head of Household.

The first temptation-Pizza party-No one takes it

The second temptation-$1,000-Paras takes it.

Ryan slips, followed by Maddy

The third temptation-Safety for a week-Derek takes it.

Ali slips while taking to Olivia.

Now Ryan, Paras, Ali, and Derek are out.

The fourth temptation-Call from a loved one-Will takes it.

Johnny gets distracted by Will’s phone call and switches his hand, which was deemed a disqualification because they were no longer allowed to change hands.

It comes down to Olivia and Kaela. Olivia doesn’t want to win but doesn’t want to get out empty handed. They announce no more temptation, but Kaela offers her some Wendy’s.

Kaela wins the Head of Household!

BBCAN6 Week 6 Nominations Ceremony:

Now that we have a new Head of Household, it’s time to make some big game moves. Who will this week’s HOH target? And will the newest twist hurt their chances of getting their target out?

Kaela uses her HOH to question people and place doubts. She has a conversation with Ryan where he throws almost everyone under the bus for tell him to target Daela.

She doesn’t give anyone straight answers on who she will nominate or target. She gets Will really upset about people tossing his name around.

Kaela and Derek tell Maddy that several people said she was the ringleader to get them out.

Maddy tells Paras that she might be going on the block, so then Paras goes to work to save her. She convinces Kaela and Derek that Ryan was the ringleader to try to go after them, and Maddy just went along with it.

Kaela nominates Ryan and Will for eviction!

Join us Wednesday to see the Power of Veto competition play out.

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