Big Brother Canada 6 Poll: Who Will be Evicted Week 6? (POLL)

Kaela is in the HOH this week on Big Brother Canada 6 and she has her target set to a specific HG, but anything can happen. Especially with this twist that could potentially save one of the nominees this week.

Kaela really wants to see Ryan leave the house and when she nominated him next to Will, no one was really surprised. She was just hoping that he didn’t win the POV. When Johnny won the POV, she was pretty sure that her noms would stay the same. Johnny did briefly talk about using the POV to take Will down, which would have helped Ryan out. Ryan knew that he didn’t have a chance against Will so when Johnny started talking about saving Will, Ryan got excited.

In the end, Johnny decided that making an enemy in the house wasn’t worth taking Will off the block and he decided not to use the POV. Which leaves us with Ryan and Will as our final nominees this week.

Ryan has managed to make some people in the house pretty upset with his gameplay. Whatever small alliance he had won’t help him in this week’s eviction. The only thing that could potentially save him this week is the twist. Could Canada vote to save Ryan this week? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not, but we won’t know for sure until they announce if Canada chose to save one of these nominees. It really does seem that Ryan’s fate is sealed.

If you were in the Big Brother Canada house, who would you vote out? Who do you think is the bigger threat? Let me know by voting in the poll, by commenting below or on social media!

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