Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Game Talks for Next Week

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Game Talks for Next Week

Game talks for next week are underway within the Big Brother Canada 6 house and I have the details of who some people are planning on targeting after this week’s eviction. Find out who wants to target who in the Big Brother Canada house right here!

There were a couple of conversations in the Big Brother Canada house on the live feeds this morning. The first one I would like to touch base on is a conversation between Derek and Kaela. They were talking about this week’s HOH comp and how it’s Derek’s turn to win in order to keep them both safe. They talked about how much of a threat Ryan is to their game and with him leaving, Johnny and Erica are going to be their biggest threat. Later on, Derek and Erica were talking a little game and he tells Erica that he thinks that if he doesn’t win, him and Kaela will be going up. He is trying to get an idea of where Erica’s head is, but she doesn’t really lead him to believe anything.

There was another conversation between Paras and Olivia about who they think should be targeted next. Olivia says that there are people in the house trying to convince her that Daela need to go before the triple eviction, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary to get them out yet. She is thinking that if she wins HOH, she will put up Maddy and Will and then when someone wins the POV, take Will down and put Johnny up in his place as a backdoor. She then adds that even if they didn’t take Will down and Maddy went home, she wouldn’t be upset about it at all.

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