Big Brother Canada Feeds Down To Hide Obvious HoH Vote Results

Big Brother Canada 2
Big Brother Canada 2 on Slice

Update: Yep, just as everyone knew would happen, Andrew & Sabrina were nominated by Canada. Big huge waste of shutting down the Feeds for two days for what we all knew was going to happen but made us miss all the related events.

If you didn’t see this coming then you might have missed the Big Brother Canada Feeds last season. Slice is turning off the BBCAN2 Feeds starting Saturday morning until after Sunday’s show. Why would they do this? They’re trying to keep it a surprise that Andrew and Sabrina are the “winners” in this week’s voting for the nomination block.

Every week on the Feeds viewers can learn well in advance who was nominated for eviction, but perhaps because someone is paying to put their name on this latest “twist” Big Brother Canada feels obligated to hide the nominations until a broadcast reveal. As if we wouldn’t watch the show suddenly out of all these weeks just because the nominations were handled differently.

So tell you what, let’s save them the trouble and free up your Sunday night. Andrew and Sabrina will be nominated for eviction. Every poll shows them leading by a landslide. I’ll speculate that Sabrina will front that she’s the pawn nomination because viewers want Andrew out instead and the HGs will buy it, despite her leading most polls.

This is the problem with free Feeds. There’s no obligation to the viewers. They can do whatever they want and you have to take it or leave it. Well then this week they can keep their Sunday show. I’m skipping it.