Big Brother Canada 2: Viewers Vote Nominations In Week 5 [POLL]

This week on Big Brother Canada they’re trying something new for the nominations. Instead of the regular Head of Household competition last night the HGs were informed that Canada would be voting for this week’s nominations.

Canada is HoH on Big Brother Canada 2
Canada is HoH on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Starting last night the audiences has been able to vote for which two HGs they wanted up on the block. No one is immune. It’s an interesting idea and reminds me of BB15’s viewer votes for the MVP’s third nominee, but takes it up to another level of audience control. Of course that’s kind of another problem.

Viewers are going to get really involved in the game this week of what’s more often a black box competition. We know who is a snake because we get to see everything from all angles, a luxury the HGs do not share with us. As such, I can’t help but think it’s, I hesitate to say “unfair” because BB is rarely “fair,” well a bad idea.

The audience will get what they want and Sabrina will go up on the block. Andrew is likely to be by her side as well. That’s all fine. It’s just a game and as I said, there is really no “fair” when it comes to Big Brother, but sometimes it’s nice to watch the HGs play the game on their own.

Vote in our poll below for which 2 HGs you want to be nominated and then jump over to to vote in the official poll there.


  1. Well, Canada will cast their votes based on the players actions in the past weeks. Like what Peter said on the Side Show, they will be disciplined.

    • for what? playing the game? I get that Sabrina and Andrew are not fan favorites and people dislike their personalities but c’mon people, this isn’t BB15 when they were throwing around racial slurs left and right. This game is about strategy and betrayal, its what the show runs on and now its essentially punishing its players for doing it. The last thing this game needs is for it to become a popularity contest with each new season of contestants trying to mug the camera and be a fan favorite then actually play the game because their afraid of BB twists.

      • I don’t think any BB fan would object to the lying and betrayal that occurs. It’s part of the game. I would guess that it’s the WAY in which the lying and betrayal is presented. With massive ego and entitlement on the part of a couple of HGs. As though no one would DARE do to them what they are planning on doing to others. It’s our chance to say, ” hey, play the game with a little dignity and not because you feel deserving”. I love the twist because it brings fans to a whole new level of involvement. Fair? Maybe not. But all things are not equal or fair in the BB house. If it were there would be no need for the game. We’d just pick a winner and call it a night.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but with a twist like this thrown into the game, It’s always good to be mindful on how you’re being perceived by the viewers especially when it can affect your game. Also being respectful to a potential Juror is important in this game.

        • I’m not trying to say that their playing a good game (Andrew/Sabrina) as playing both sides like sab does almost always backfires eventually and Andrew really should know better then using Tom’s playbook but when they get eliminated it should be because of their own mistakes and not just because production wanted to protect fan favorite players. I just think its a really slippery slope when production starts intervening like this. At this point I don’t see the point to vote out adel as he will probably just be voted back in at final 6.

          • The whole stair thing with Ika is borderline Slander. These people are on national TV, they can’t be claiming people are threatening their lives when they threaten to put them on the block. The accusation alone is defamation of character. I have no problem with people lying, and backstabbing, but when you start making up stuff to get HG kicked out, or worse charged, then that is a step to far in my books.

      • at least they put a bunch of none single ppl in the house this time seems lately its not about the game its about hooking up need to mix ppl up more instead of all young single good looking ppl and im disappointed in Alison hooking up with Andrew basically right away I know that’s her game but we voted her in and all she is doing is sucking face with the biggiest douche bag in the house

      • Part of the game of Big Brother is showing to viewers and most especially to online feeders is showing them who you are as a person. Because BBCAN has been pretty much in touch with its Dutch version roots with its viewer interactions, the last thing you want to happen as a BB housemate is a twist involving the public vote.

    • Who do you want to go up? I’ve been watching online the day after the show airs but haven’t been able to watch Thursdays episode. My computer says unable to connect to server. Don’t know what the problem is. I’m going to order season 1 & 2 on DVD after this season is over so I can watch both of them.

      • aaaaahhh…………..David !!lol ..Of course I wanna see Andrew and Sabrina..I already replied to you, but it disappeared.

          • Yes…I had problems with the first server now I downloaded a different one then hula and I can now watch again. I watch the feeds in the evening but usually a lot of them are sleeping by the time I watch.

  2. I like the idea of the audience getting some control, Big Brother Australia is VERY audience oriented, there the ALL of the house guest nominate under a point system and the three HGs with the most nominations are up for eviction which is decided BY THE AUDIENCE, NOT the house guests. To me this makes it more of a game instead of so cutthroat, I know this is just my opinion but still, everyone is entitled to such. Come on BBCA be a little less like the US BB, take a cue from BBAU and have a little difference in your show versus the same old rehash of stuff.

  3. You know what I’m sick of? These houseguests worrying too much on the edit. They can only edit like a jerk, if you are a jerk. They don’t put words in your mouth, so stop worry about being edited badly and start being genuinly likeable.
    Plus, there’s also a mass amount of people who watch them as they speak so even if jerks are lucky enough to get a good edit by production. Live feeders still know how bad you are.

  4. Its a good twist as the house is so boring no one dare makes big moves because once you do they treat you as an outcast

  5. Ya I think it’s a landslide! Andrew and Sabrina will be put up! I can just see the tantrums these two are going to have. It’s gonna be a good week. 🙂

  6. I think Andrew and kenny should go up together cuz otherwise they will use the veto on each other one of them is bound to win it and then you can put Sabrina up there as a replacement she is good at social game but everyone sees right threw her and its only a matter of time when they get sick of her.

  7. Maybe someone can clarify something for me. Adel has the special power so he can play in the veto comp of his choosing by replacing one of the others. Does this mean he can replace one of the nominees or only one of the ones chosen at random?

  8. Adel lied about his veto power and yet everybody still likes him. It is not about the lies and betrayals. That is the whole point of the game. But the people that we dislike are the ones that are complete jerks.

  9. I think everybody (here making comments) dont know what its like to be in the BBCA house…. its a game people !!!! and you can say bad things about Andrew OR WHOEVER ELSE you want to bash but hes still in the house so .. so far is playing a good game but i think hes abit of a muscle head lol … him and Allison are cute together … so I say dont judge or name call or even bash …. its a strategical game that some play differently 🙂 go BBCA go … love You Allison 🙂 I think ur a kind and gentle soul… u play that game girl Im rooting for ya 🙂

  10. Sabrina has got to GO!!! So far I am all for Kenny to win it all. I also like Adel. Too bad they are opposite sides…Sarah is a smart cookie. I think she will go far too.

  11. I think that this is the most discriminatory season yet! It clearly shows that all house guests are very disrespectful towards one another and it is embarrassing to watch. Clearly the worst second season yet and should be discussed if season three is ever going to be aired. This cast is the worst ever that I’ve seen in big brother history.

    • I would really like you to confirm that you think that THIS cast is worse than the cast of BBUS 15. You know, the one with all the racist, homophobic people? Just checking… want to make sure I’m fully understanding your point of view.

      • Judd, and Helen were pretty good I thought, I’m not impressed with anyone so far. Adel is cool dude, but he hasn’t managed to do anything yet.

  12. Love Sarah and Allison. Not thrilled with Allison and Andrew but she really needed someone quick when she came late to the house. And he seems to actually care about her, oddly enough. Be interesting to see if Allison starts to play her own game now that the others are accepting her as one of them. Teaming up with Sarah would be smart, I think.

  13. I dont think getting rid of all the stronger players just cause u dont like them is the answer. The show will get very Boring réal fast . Just because They act like that in the house does not mean that is how They r outside of the house. Plus calling house guest names like is Being said makes u no better than the ones in the house that u r passing judgement on. Just saying

    • well getting rid of all the good genuine people make it boring. we are not handing down 100k to ratchet people. they do act like this outside of the house sine they would say otherwise in the DR.

  14. Andrew and Sabrina have to go Rude Rude people they should be excommunicated from Canada
    Hey steve r u sabs relative

    • You cannot vote people out but people were able to vote for who they wanted on the block. The voting is done though!

  15. I love watching bb it’s so good & exciting too, enjoy watching the live feeds & after dark also. I’m so happy that Sabrina & Andrew will be on the block that is who I voted for. sunday is gonna be so good. this bb2 is gross at times with all the picking their noses which the brother house would tell them not to do that infront of the cameras yuck, come on now where are their manners or should I say do they have any at all & all the farting too holly sickening too. bb1 wasn’t like that. will be good to watch also the live feeds after Sunday’s night show & the after dark too. I want Sabrina & Andrew to go home also Alison she was a waste of time of Canada voting her to be on the show, she doesn’t anything at all but is Andrews backpack mostly holly she doesn’t know how to play the game it would have been better to have had scott in the house that would have been really good & interesting to see. love bb twists it’s good for the game hope they do another one & bring back Ika back will be interesting too see. I want arlie to win & I can see that happening.

  16. Can’t wait to see Sabrina’s & Andrew’s face sunday night on bb2 when they are told they are up for eviction ha ha just love it, next to go needs to be Kenny also.

  17. Love Sarah. But putting her up next to Sabrina is the only way I see it being a guarantee that Sabrina is gone.

  18. Get rid of that big mouth controlling woman
    Shes a nothin Sabrina and andrew hes a goof with a bad temper arogant selfish creep

  19. Omg! Priceless!!! The look on Andrew & Sabrina’s face! You thought you were untouchable, sorry guys but Canada has spoken! 🙂

  20. Well i see people here in the comments are just as crazy as usual.

    You guys hate a boring game, but then hate people that make moves. What is it that you guys want to watch?

    • I LOVE when people make big moves. But what i don’t love is when they do it using personal attacks. Personal attacks have no place in a good strategy…..or in BB at all really. Some of them have used this tactic and it is now biting them in the arse.

  21. I don’t understand why some people are saying it’s not fair to Andrew and Sabrina…it’s absolutely no different than what Big Brother Canada did to Ika…she was basically thrown under the bus by allowing the other house guests to watch her without her knowing…it’s a twist and you can be strategic without being a complete dick…bottom line its the nicer player that will get voted for in the final two.

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