Big Brother Canada 2: Who Was Voted Out? Week 4 Eviction Show Results

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada will evict another HouseGuest during tonight’s show and we’ll get a new Head of Household when the dust settles so join us here to discuss the show as it happens!

We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) and the official results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Andrew votes to evict Ika
  • Sarah votes to evict Ika
  • Arlie votes to evict Ika
  • Sabrina votes to evict Ika
  • Jon votes to evict Ika
  • That’s it. Ika has been evicted.
  • Neda votes to evict Ika
  • Allison votes to evict Ika
  • Kenny votes to evict Ika
  • Adel votes to evict Heather

By a vote of 8-1, Ika has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Now it’s time for viewers to get to vote on who should be nominated. The HGs think there’s a competition ahead of them but that’s not going to happen…

Viewers get to pick the two nominees and then those results will be revealed to the house at the Nomination Ceremony. Go to right now to vote! Who will you pick?

Vote in our poll right here right now and pick two of the HouseGuests that you’d most like to see on the chopping block this week, but remember this is not the official poll so you’ll still need to vote over at Slice’s site too:

Are you happy with how tonight’s show turned out? Keep with us as we watch to find out who will be targeted for the next round of nominations in this latest twist.


  1. omg I haven’t watched the episode yet. Is it true that Canada is HOH this week?? If it is, I want Kenny and Andrew up. I love Adel

  2. OMG Adele is soo hot like r u all f* blind damn seriously this guy better win. And he deserves this s* more than any of these f*s.

  3. NOOOOOO. The poll has Andrew and Sabrina as the front runners! If Kenny gets picked to play in the veto and wins guess who’s coming off? Andrew! We seriously should have talked strategy before anyone voted.

  4. I think the 2 noms should be Adel and Rachelle, they are both saying that they are strong players but what did they do? Adel is always alligning himself with the minority and Rachelle bakdoored one of her alies… That is not beeing a competitor.
    Sorry for my bad writing, I’m french.

    • Really?! We don’t need to vote weak players up on the block. We want to vote out the people controlling the house, make a big move. Kenny and Andrew or Andrew and Sabrina are our best bet.

      • Yeah, but if we get rid of the strong players the show will be booring, Andrew, Kenny and Sarah are playing a good game and they deserve to go far. As a playe, yeah, I would try to get them out. But As a viewer, I prefer them going further then floaters. But everyone has there opinons, and that good 🙂

        • I don’t think Jon, Neda, or Adel are floaters, it’s the beginning of the game, there’s so much more to play! They just haven’t had a chance. If they were given a chance (win HoH or Veto) I’m sure they’d prove to be forces to be reckoned with. I love strong players but the only reason I want Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina gone is because of their attitude and rude comments/behaviour to the other HG’s (less Kenny because he was only rude in the heat of a moment) but otherwise, no one is really a floater as of yet, except maybe Arlie because he has no desire to win anything.

          • I don’t see then as beeing so mean, Let’s be honest, what Ika and Paul said was way worst. But we all have are favorites. I just hope that Sarah and Kenny are save. I think that there’s people who doesn’t deserve to be there, like heather, Rachelle and Adel. They all seem very nice, but as players, not so good, Kenny is strong, smart and social, he has everything that a real BB winner need, why would we want to send him out? I know the game just started but I don’t want the winner to be someone who didn”t do anyway just because the viewers did their dirty work. They want Andrew gone? Then they should be a great player and do it themself. That’s the way I see it

          • Andrew called Ika a b****h and a wh**e and Kenny also called her a b***h. How do you not see that as mean? We haven’t seen much gameplay. The F5 just got the chance to run the show early on. Alliances will dwindle and other people will come out as strong competitors. As of last week no one really knew who was running the show. Now that they do they will definitely go after the strong players which would then make them a strong player. How can they be a great player if there’s only been 3 HoH’s. Until the halfway mark, we haven’t really seen much game play to assume who deserves to win.

          • Ika called Heather a loud mouth, a bi***, stupid, uneducated…….and the list goes on. Ika called Andrew an a******, minutes before he called her a ***** same goes for Kenny. Watch the whole tjing then make judgements. If you are rude and hurtful, accept when people are that way back. Consequences people! Ps. They’ve all said mean things about each other, every houseguest……. stones and glass windows

          • I’m not excusing Ika’s behaviour but she’s out of the house so what’s the point in bringing her up? There isn’t one.

          • The point is people are knocking Andrew and Kenny for what they said while she was in the house. That is the point. Read the conversation before you make a pointless comment and smart butt comment.

          • My comment was neither pointless nor a smart butt comment but okay. I’m clearly just pointing out my point of view… no need to be rude.

          • Considering you never read the whole thread but had to give a point of view that is and was not relivent at all…… you were being rude, by entering a conversation without first reading what people where discussing. I also see many others have said the same thing to you a few times. Just read before jumping to judgement. All I’m saying.

          • Actually, you entered the conversation as I had already commented multiple times before you. As I recall, no one has said anything of the sort to me so I don’t know what you’re going on about. I read the entire thread, as I commented multiple times before you jumped in.

          • Arlie’s capable of winning, but he is not willing to take the chance to compete seriously if he’s position in the house is not yet in jeopardy.

          • Yeah, that’s what I said. Extremely capable but he doesn’t have the desire too unless he’s on the block.

    • Have to agree with you on this one BBCanfan, Adel is a nothing player now with zero chance of winning and Rachelle looks and plays like a deer caught in the headlights.

  5. It’s the name of the game! Each individual has to play their own game and quit letting people like Sabrina and Andrew run the house. If you want a chance at winning it all, then start getting the higger treats “OUT”!

  6. I’d be super happy with Sabrina going home and I think most of the house guests would too, but it would help out the 1st 5 because they would come out of it clean and could just blame Canada. I just can’t see Kenny or Andrew leaving the game no matter who gets put next to Sabrina (because for real, she is going to be up there.) most of the comment hate goes to her and Andrew so i think it’s safe to say they will be the noms. I’ll be shocked otherwise. I still like Kenny, but he’s not as sly as he thinks he is, he’s still smart, a physical threat, and i think he has a wicked social game so i can see him going the distance. I love this twist tho. Good job keeping it fresh BBC2!

  7. As Sarah pointed out – what did they really expect Ika to do? You beat a dog long enough, you get bitten eventually. Ikas bite was just as good as her bark. Now we wait for Sabrinas realization that she is NOT the fan favorite. Judging by comments on fan sites, she is surely to be nominated for eviction. And when they tell them….let the waterworks begin.

    • Those guys are hypocrites. Glad to know Sarah, despite all the backstabbing she has done to Ika, understood the position she had to take.

      She’s sensible enough to see that anyone of them would have done the same thing if they were in Ika’s shoes.

  8. the first five want Sabrina to go home, as much as Sabrina deserves it if you put Kenny and Andrew up I strongly think Andrew would go…..will there be a POV if so do are the replacement noms going to be according to next in line by our votes?

    • As is now widely understood, any “voting” will ultimately not influence the selection of the nominees. The voting process via internet is flawed and not secure. The show’s producers will decide who they want up.

      • With the amount of polls on websites that show who is most likely to go up I don’t think production will put up just anyone. We know who has the most votes and who’s most likely if not the likeliest to be up.

  9. Evel Dick says he voted for Andrew and Sabrina. Sabrina so she will cry and eat more. And Andrew because he will be butthurt and go into a roid rage. Lol…we all have our reasons.

      • i can vote on things for the american show and i’m canadian. you just just have to make a profile.

      • I’m not either American nor Canadian and I was able to vote (heck I managed to send my votes on America’s Next Top Model as they’re filming right now).

        Anyone from the show’s interactive division may have intended that to happen. But to make votes as effective as possible is to require online fans to sign up so they can more than double the votes they send for nominations.

  10. So this is for anyone, how would the veto work in the next week, I guess I could see them still drawing names but if one of Canada’s nominees wins veto who will decide the replacement? Or will there even be a veto this week?

    • Oh I just thought of something maybe the 3rd place most vote getter, yes I know terrible grammar, would be the replacement.

  11. Best twist ever! Ika went out with a bang, screw those hypocrites. If they were in Ika’s shoes, they’ll likely choose the money over those letters. Nothing to get emotional if you have a whole lifetime and successive HOH comps to see them again.

    Based on a lot of sentiments here and on the BBCAN FB page, Andrew, Sabrina and Kenny have the highest chances they’ll be put up via the public vote. Those goodbye messages made by KenDrew more than bolster their chances of getting put up. Sabrina should be a close third and if either one of them wins POV, she’ll be up as an automatic replacement.

    Okay, worse case scenario: If Sabrina wins POV, she’ll be safe from being a replacement whether she uses it or not as long as she’s not an initial nominee.

    That’s one situation I don’t want to happen.

  12. I would love it if Andrew goes home. My nomination would be Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina ad Sarah get on my nerves too but I think Sabrina is less of a threat in the long term compared to both Andrew and Kenny. I, however dislike this twist. Twists like these make this a popularity contest than a strategic, social game.

  13. 2014 and you hear young men calling a women,kids mother a whore on national TV Andrew and his bad disrespecting attitude has to go.

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