Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations & Veto Comp Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

After the Live Feeds returned from Big Brother Canada giving the shaft to their die-hard Feedster fans we confirmed who had been nominated by Canada and won the Power of Veto competition earlier in the weekend.

Read on for the latest Veto spoilers in the Big Brother Canada house and how that could impact Canada’s vote for this week’s nominations.

This week’s nominations are Andrew and Sabrina. So not shocking at all. Hopefully BBCAN thinks that was worth blocking Feeds for two days. Hint: it wasn’t.

From HouseGuests discussions we learned that Jon won the Power of Veto giving them the option to nullify one of the noms.

Kenny talking to Arlie revealed that Jon told Sabrina he would use the Veto he won to rescue her from the block.

The PoV Ceremony will be held early on Monday and we’ll learn more there and we’ll have to see how the renom is handled which should be coming from viewers’ votes as well. Our poll put Kenny in third place which would send him to the block if the Veto was used and our results match the official voting.

The renom doesn’t sound critical right now though as HGs sound bent on evicting Andrew. Not a bad choice.

If both Andrew and Kenny were on the block, which one would you want to vote out?