Big Brother Canada Confirms Double Eviction On Thursday’s Show

Big Brother Canada

Get ready for not one, but two evictions on Big Brother Canada!

Big Brother confirmed during Wednesday night’s PoV episode that the long discussed Double Eviction event would be taking place during Thursday’s show. Last week the evictions were spread out by several days, but no time for that this week.

After the first HG is evicted, and we have a feeling who that is going to be, a second HG will be caught in the whirlwind series of events. In rapidfire succession, there will be an HoH competition, nominations, a Veto competition and ceremony, and another eviction. Wham! Bam!

Think you know what’s going to happen? Think again because these are some of the most exciting episodes we get to enjoy and are anticipating for Big Brother 15.

Join us on Thursday night for a live blog recap of all the events so you can find out what happens as it rolls out during the next Big Brother Canada show!


      • too little, too late… the beast coast alliance has the numbers to dominate till the end. it will be Alec evicted , then Topaz followed by Peter… then Talla leaving Em Jil and Andrew for the final three with emit taking the win

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