Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

The Big Brother Canada 7 game is just getting started but players are already giving it their all. During last night’s Big Brother Canada Head of Household competition deals were made and alliances were questioned. It was a tough battle but Dane came out on top. The majority of the day has been spent with one on one conversations.

Kyra made thyself a target by apparently going to Sam and telling her that Dane was targeting Sam and Adam. Now Kyra is convinced that her game is hopeless. Dane plans to nominate Kyra and make Kyra his target for the week, but he discussed with Kailyn possible other options. Dane and Kailyn seem to be in a pretty close secret alliance, and he might even be more loyal to her than his original Pretty Boys alliance.

Sam has been getting close to both Mark and Adam. Adam seems to think that Mark really likes Sam, while he just sees her as a mate. He doesn’t want Mark and him to feel like they’re in competition with one another. Sam might become Dane’s backup target because he worries how she might influence and hurt his alliance. However, during his one on one talk with Sam, Dane promised her that she wouldn’t go up on the block. He also promised this to Eddie during the Head of Household competition. Dane wants to remain a man of his word, but we’re not completely convinced that Sam wouldn’t look like a good option if one of his two nominees come off the block.

Dane also decided to nominate Maki because he is well liked by everyone, so he’s not in real danger of going home. He also refused to make a deal with Dane during the Head of Household competition, which makes him an easy option for himreal.

BBCAN7 Nominations Week 2:

  • Dane nominated: Kyra & Maki

These seem like fairly safe nominations but there is still potential for some excitement. We find it hard to believe Dane will  really make such a bold move of going after Sam this soon, but he might set his target elsewhere if the opportunity presents itself. Who do you want to see win the Power of Veto? How do you feel about Dane’s nominations. Will he make a big move and go after Sam this soon?

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