Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 2 HoH Results

Big Brother Canada on Slice

We are easing into the Big Brother Canada new season with a two night premiere. Big Brother Canada 7’s second premiere episode revealed that Dane, Anthony, Mark, and Adam have formed an alliance called the Pretty Boys. These dudes are already running the game with Adam gaining power the first week. They–mainly Adam–set their targets on Damien and Laura.

Laura became the first victim of the Pretty Boys alliance by being the first person evicted. Damien seems safe for now, but things might change if another Pretty Boy gains power.

The Big Brother Canada 7 Live Feeds kicked off tonight. Within the first few minutes we received a major spoilers: who won the second Head of Household of the season.

Read on to find out who won it.


BBCAN7 Spoilers-The New Head of Household is…Dane

With Dane in power, that means the Pretty Boys stay in charge. We’ll have to wait until later tonight to see who he plans to target.

Who do you think Dane and the Pretty Boys will target this week? Are you happy he won?

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