Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Did Cory Complete Her Mission?


On the premiere episode of Big Brother Canada 7 host Arisa Cox announced that the houseguests would be joined by a new houseguest. Then Canada got to pick between Holly and Cory. Cory won the vote and entered the Big Brother Canada house yesterday. Unlike the rest of the house, she’s only been there for less than 24-hours.

The other houseguests weren’t too happy to see her enter the game, especially after just evicting Laura. However, Cory is doing a pretty good job of incorporating herself into the house dynamics. Arisa and Big Brother also gave Cory a must complete mission.

She had 24-hours to make three final two deals. If she succeeded, then she would get one week immunity and become a permanent member of the house. If she failed, then she would be evicted. Today, Cory has been working hard to complete her mission. So did she complete it?

BBCAN7 Spoilers–Cory succeeded in completing her mission.

She made her three final two deals with Eddie, Damien, and Kailyn. She now has immunity and becomes an official member of the Big Brother Canada 7 house. Are you happy that Cory completed her mission? Will she really honor any of those final two deals?

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