Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 16 Recap: Will the Power of Veto or Canada Save Will?

Big Brother Canada 6 will Nominated

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6 episode is all about the Power of Veto. Right now, both Will and Ryan are in danger of eviction. Ryan is in more trouble than Will because Paras expertly manipulated Kaela and Derek into believing that Ryan was their biggest game threat.

On the scale of game threats, Ryan has got to be one of the lowest at the moment, so there is always a possibility of a last minute target shift. Will has been laying low for the most part, but in the end, dads are always a huge vote threat.

However, we don’t expect Will to go anywhere this week. More than likely with Monday’s call from home, and whatever plays out tonight, If Will doesn’t win the Power of Veto, Canada will vote to save Will–despite it being really unnecessary.

BBCAN6 Week 6 Power of Veto Competition:

Ryan and Will aren’t the only ones in danger this Big Brother Canada week. Kaela suspects that she’s a huge threat to many players’ games. Johnny, Erica, and Maddy might want to fight just as hard as Ryan and Will for this Power of Veto, because she never know with Kaela.

The Power of Veto player also wins a trip to London. The chosen players are Erica, Derek, and Johnny. They must go around tables to pick up glasses. Once they collect 21, they have to stack them up to form a pyramid. If a cup drops, they must start over. The first player to stacks their pyramid wins POV.

Ryan makes his pyramid first, followed by Erica and Johnny. There is a second round coming up after this one. It comes down between Derek and Kaela. Derek lets Kaela win to not be on her bad side.

The second round involves manuever a stick through a map that looks like London’s subway system. The two that complete it first go to the final round. Ryan and Johnny are the first two and advance to round three.

Round three they must find puzzle pieces by breaking pots. Once they find these pieces, they must assemble a uzzle. If you get black sand, you have a time penalty.

They’re neck and neck most of game. Then it gets really close to see who will finish first. Johnny wins by a few seconds.

Johnny wins the Power of Veto!!

BBCAN6 Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Johnny considers using the Veto to save Will, but Kaela really wants to see that happen. She starts telling people that Johnny has mentioned them as a replacement nominee.

Now that the Power of Veto Competition has taken place, is it take to make a big move? Or should Kaela and the Veto holder play it safe. Let’s see how it all unfolds during the POV ceremony.

Johnny decides not to use the Veto!

Now tomorrow we’ll wait to see if Canada saves anyone…Join us tomorrow as we recap the (possibly) surprising eviction.

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