Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition with only five HGs left in the final two weeks of the season. Here we have the new PoV results ready to go for the meeting to decide this week’s final noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

With so few players left in the game everyone got the chance to compete today and have a shot at controlling who could be on the Block this week on Big Brother Canada.

Well this just got interesting. We’ve got Ika and Demetres on the Block and one of those looks like they could end up safe in an interesting twist that could twist again on itself.

Power of Veto Results: Week 9

Kevin won the Veto.

So for the past day or so Kevin has been saying that if he won the Veto he would then use it to save Ika. Yep. He wants Demteres gone with a target F3 of himself, Karen, and Ika for an easy win to the end. Playing along here, if Kevin saves Ika then he’d put Dillon up in her place.

Kevin expects that with Dillon vs Demetres on Thursday night we’d get Dem evicted after a heck of a run this season. But wait, what if Karen flips and votes along with Ika to evict Dillon. Now she’s been close with Dillon but she’s also been talking with Demika recently. It could happen, but we’ve got a lot of if/then stops along the way. What do you think?

We’ll get the Big Brother Canada Veto Ceremony on Monday so we’ll watch for talks leading up to that and confirm who looks to be this week’s main target.

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