Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto ceremony results are in on the Live Feeds a day early for this week’s Big Brother Canada 5 events and we have the spoilers setting us up with the final choices for this week’s eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

With about a week and a half left in the BBCAN5 season and five HGs left in the race it seems they’ve decided to pick up the pace.

Kevin has the HoH and the Veto power this week giving him complete control of the final noms. He was making some interesting comments when alone that he’d try to force the Demetres eviction by removing the Ika option. Seems like a big chance for a backfire here.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 8:

  • Kevin used the Veto on Ika
  • Kevin name Dillon as renom
  • Demetres & Dillon are the final noms

Wow. The house is moving tonight! They’re all very surprised. Kevin kept this a good secret from the other HGs. Dillon was walking away saying “I did not see this coming.” Then upstairs you’ve got Ika still in shock.

Kevin mumbled that now he has to hope Karen won’t flip and vote out Dillon. Well guess what. There’s a very real chance that could happen as she’s already promised that move to Demika and they’re cautiously hoping her to follow through while Dillon thinks he still has Karen’s support. This could get very interesting!

What do you think of Kevin’s Veto decision? Should he have done something differently? Share your thoughts!

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  1. SMH Kevin. Not a smart move. Hope it doesn’t backfire on you, but have a very strong feeling that it will.

      • Karen and Dillon. No Karen Ika and Deme are super super close after this week. Karen wants to take Dillon out then Kevin and then she wants to leave two “deserving players” Ika and Deme in the final two. Karen loooveeessss Ika and Deme. They have all been hugging and crying all week while Dillon was trying to make deals with Kevin and it backfired on him

          • Kevin is not a nice guy, he uses everybody for his own game. He’s sneaky and slick. He purposfully throws HOH’s because he wants no blood on his hands. He is not deserving.

          • What show are you watching?
            Everyone uses everyone to advance in this game….. he’s suppose to be sneaky & slick…. and I’m pretty sure no one wants blood on their hands!
            Ika isn’t a good role model & anyone but her to win would suit me. But my fav is Kevin.

          • Throwing competition is part of the game. As a player taking that decision it mean you know what, where, who are are. Best big brother player that throw competition they have been successful with it. Let’s see if this work for Kevin. But I’m still not sure he throw them.

            I’m not a Kevin fan. But I really don’t like ika bully personality. The way she treats Jackie and even Karen previously and many more, I really don’t want her to be in finals.

          • Karen soon forgets what Ika did to her…… she’s a fake! Which ever way the wind blows seems to be Karen’s deal!
            And her hate for ‘Kevin Martin?’ Where does that come from?
            Anyone know why?

          • I think her raison to hate Kevin starts with week 1 because Kevin wanted Mark to stay.

            I agree with all you say about ika. I’m dreaming of the day big brother will react to bullying. BBOTT was a desaster I couldn’t take it. Ika’s tantrum should not be tolerated. I felt so sad for Jackie.

            Im also starting to like Kevin more and more. I admired his reaction when ika lost it on him because the nomination speech. He kept it very cool for that crazy situation. The best thing for him this week is that he can hide in the HOH room.

          • Yah….. like he mentioned in the pantry he has no friends left in the BB house. I don’t feel bad for him but, mannnnn….. I loved the way he handled Ika’s ‘episode!’ Kept super calm & that made her louder…… repeating ‘promises!’ What a stupid reason for a rant!! What a cry-baby! Can’t handle the fact she has no control & got got!
            What an idiot! (Ika)
            Ika is being over-dramatic in many situations……… it’s like she’s auditioning for further work?! Kinda looks like it to me…..
            I think it’s fake!! It’s her trying to create a personality that anyone would want anything to do with.
            I hope she watches the show and realize that she needs to take it down a few notches cuz she’s got kids!
            That’s all!

          • I never liked Kevin before either, but I’m liking him more & more…..
            one more time….IKA IS A BULLY!
            Why would BBCAN want to reward a bully? I work in schools. Ika would have been suspended a few times due to her non-stop blame game on everyone else! Her hurtful looks & attitude toward many of the houseguests is appalling. Her attacking others verbally is very abusive & schools no longer allow verbal crap like that anymore!
            Ika is a parent….. nice role model eh?
            Hope her kids dad is a much better role model. I hope they live with him!
            Shame on Ika! Shame, shame, shame!

          • Not only school don’t tolerate such behavior, but work place as well. I don’t know how Ika career is going but in my work environment she would be fired for lot less than what she does in the BB house. I just hope she’s not managing anyone!!!

            She is a very bad example of young woman and mother!!!

          • Hmmmm he was straight up in telling William it was fun & not a showmance….. Ika? Well.. I guess tramp wasn’t the right word. You’re right! But I still can’t stand the bitch!
            Just mho

  2. How is this EVEN possible? Is Kevin under a spell? I love Ika, but this does not make sense. Why did Kevin use the veto??!!! OMG.

  3. Omg. Kevin should have put Karen up because it is more likely she would have Dillon’s vote and Demitris would go. By putting Dillon up it gives Karen too much power to flip this whole thing. I just hope that she realizes she would never win against Demika and would have a better chance against Dillon. Don’t be stupid here Karen!!!!!

    • but Karen doesn’t want to be in f2. she just wants to beat Kevin. haha she wants Demika in final 2. She wants a deserving winner. she’s not being stupid taking out the least deserving person

      • I have never seen someone playing for 3rd or 4th. Karen is really not in the game right now. I don’t like this decisions she’s doing. We want poeple to play to win. She’s not doing that. She should be in jury voting. Not in the house doing what she does.

      • I wouldn’t count on Karen’s vote. But I still think without either dilon or demitre he’s better of with ika and Karen + one of the guys. I hope like you she will take demirti to jury but still Kevin won’t be in jury yet.

  4. I could NOT be any happier and thrilled! Ika is a true goddess! Kevin is a complete idiot, and I LOVE it! I don’t want to see Kevin win; he’s clearly the production’s pet and so many annoying fans have gushed about him that it’s pissed me off. Ika is the one who deserves to win. Dillon was the only one in the final five I didn’t like, so seeing him leave out of nowhere will be FABULOUS! I love Ika. I love Karen. I like Demetres. Kevin needs to lose, and if he does, I’ll like him; I just don’t want to see him win. This is AWESOME!

  5. Kevin is a smart player but I don’t know if this was the right move. That said, although Karen is a floater, she is also smart. Keeping Dimitri (regardless of a potential final three deal with Demika) would be stupid! Dimitri would win and take Ika to the finals, not Karen! Obviously!
    She has a way better chance with a F3 with Kevin and Dillon!
    Would she turned her back on Dillon?? She seems pretty loyal!
    Play smart Karen! For Kevin’s sake!

  6. What a bad move. With dilon and Karen voting he had 2 chances to have one of them voting for dem. Now he as only one. And on top of it he might lose a weaker player against whom he knew he could win. Is he seriously winning his life by being a gambler?

      • Well, I thought of it a bit more and it’s not that bad. From where he is standing demika is no more a power couple… the all house is against him. And between ika and dilon, he as more chance to beat ika in competition.

        As well if he can convince the jury it’s a smart move he still can beat ika in f2.

  7. I would have left them both up there; even if Ika left it would have been better than having the power couple together. Karen knows she will not win the game; she has to do what she’s been trying to do all season which is get rid of Kevin. When she does that it will be a victory for her

  8. So Kevin saved ‘the Queen? lol Oh I hope he made the right decision. I wanna see him up there in the finals. He deserves to be there..In the meantime, I wanna hear what the Ika had to say in her unfiltered ‘confessional. she survived again.

  9. Kevin’s thinking might be that the rest of the game is about competitions.
    His odds are better if only one of the comp beasts are still in the house weather it be Dillon or Dimitri. He is not making it personal. There is no strategy left in the game other than win the next veto.

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