Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 9 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations following Thursday night’s competition that followed the Triple Eviction.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

We’re down to only FIVE Houseguests. Can you believe it? That leaves us with one HoH, two noms, and two alternates for any changes coming later this weekend. The season has less than two weeks to go!

Well this should feel familiar. Kevin is HoH. Again. And he’s put the showmance on the Block. Again. Think this will Groundhog Day all the way through? Nah.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 9 Nominations

  • Demetres
  • Ika

They’ve got a second chance here to make up for their last silliness of keeping the showmance together. Of course Ika can’t seem to win her way out of a wet paper bag, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad choice to send out Jackie. Either way, I don’t think they’ll let her slip again should Demetres escape with another Veto win.

If both Demetres and Ika are on the Block then that’ll be interesting. You’d want to get rid of the comp beast right? Or maybe the Vet with all the other Vets on the Jury? Hmm. I’d still go for Demetres if I were them.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday so we’ll watch for the results and find out who has the chance to keep the noms the same or force a renom on Kevin’s HoH.

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    • I was super confused watching Thursdays episode……
      Why was Ika’s speech directed at Dre? (Dre’s face after Ika’s speech confused me) and why did Ika shoot her a dirty look? And why did only Dre vote for her to leave?
      BB never ‘touched’ on that so I was confused!!

      • I was thinking the same thing .. I read all the Spoilers bad news feeds constantly and I read something about ika calling dre out and exposing her but thy didn’t show it which wouldn’t have made a good scene

        • I heard that Dre changed her mind about keeping her and started to work on getting Ika out and Ika found out about it.

    • If the Vito is used I think it will be Dillon up. They will keep Karen over Dillon, so he may be evicted this week. If Ika wins Kevin may decide to keep Demitrie so he has a better chance of safety next week. Demitrie has a better shot of HOH over Dillon and Karen. Dillon and Karen aren’t deserving of going to final 3.

      • Dillon is how do you all forget how he was a target week 2 and had to fight week after week to stay … now he has floated the last few weeks he hasn’t been a target … But come on he deserves to be there just as much as ika… cuz ika can’t win a damn thing and has to hope for meat head or someone else to keep her safe week after week

      • Think if veto is used Kevin would be wise to put Karen up if he wants one of Dumb-etres/Ika gone. Dillon would vote to keep Karen but I don’t think Karen would vote to keep Dillon. She has really been cozying up with the couple and wouldn’t count on her loyalty to Dillon any longer.

  1. It has to be Demetres. Not only a Comp threat, but his resume is looking better. He’s got all the right questions to Sindy. He seriously wants to win

  2. Yes, Best for Kevin to send Dmitri home (fingers crossed he doesn’t win the veto)
    Ika will probably start playing the game with Kevin so at the very least she’s a number on his side.
    I don’t watch the live feed so I don’t know if Kevin has any allies? Any final two or three deals?
    Dillon/Karen plus Ika/Dimitri ….. Kevin is alone and can’t play in the HOH comp next week……So, IMO it’s going to be a fight to the end for him. But I could be wrong!? Maybe he has deals?

    • I heard everyone including Kevin plays in the final 4 hoh. Not sure if it’s true but I hope so.

        • Bommer !! I was confuse since I heard Ika saying that Kevin won the best HOH since he could play again the week after. That was after the triple when they were all in the HOH around the time they play pilli’s video.

          • Hmmm weird that she said that!
            Production does often manipulate situations and I know they want Kevin to stick around so I thought maybe after I read what you typed, that perhaps he was going to be able to compete. Another stupid “BB twist” & if that did happen I would have been pissed, especially if Kevin did win it because it would not be fair.
            See, I can look at things fairly 🙂

  3. The smart choice would be to get rid of demetry because he is a tank and they’ve will have a better chance at winning without him in the house but he deserves to win ! Demetry and Dillon final 2 would be perfect 🙂 #BBCAN5 Dillon is LIT!

    • Dillion will float to the end but hasn’t done much to deserve a win. Kevin or Demetrie on the other hand have.

      • Dillon hasn’t done much the last few weeks but don’t forget he was target week 2 and had to fight Nd fight and fight to stay in the house so…he does have a leg to stand on here

  4. Why does Dem deserve to win? Other than being good at comps he hasn’t done anything, like making big moves. Ika does all the plotting and scheming. From the talks on the feeds last night, Dem isn’t going anywhere this week regardless of who wins veto. The reason is they want Kevin out b/c they don’t like him and he has too many jury votes. The think Dem is the only one who can beat him in next weeks POV so they want him to stay.

  5. I miss watching the after dark shows …cant watch any of it online as our internet is too slow for that …so I hope they bring back the after dark shows so we can watch them on tv as well…gives a person a chance to know who is who an who you like to win better …who deserves it !

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