Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 9 HoH Results

We’ve got the latest HoH competition results for Big Brother Canada 5 as the surviving Final 5 Houseguests were left to compete yet again tonight but this time for the next Head of Household power.

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

Since the Triple was filmed hours in advance it didn’t take long for the Feeds to come back and reveal what took place during the downtime. HoH is over and we have a new HG in charge.

Watch out Demika, because I’m guessing this won’t go well for them right now.

BBCAN5 Spoilers – The New Head of Household is…

Kevin won the HoH comp!

Yep, he’s back in charge after Demetres just put him on the Block and you know what he’s most likely going to do with this next set of noms. Easy choice, right?

What do you want to see happen this week on Big Brother Canada? Who would you put on the Block?

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    • Me too and I hope this time his noms are the same as before and this time one of them goes. Problem is I don’t really like the other two either.
      Oh my

  1. No matter what you say about Ika she deserves to stay and so does Demetre, they both played the game! Kevin has started to play two weeks ago he said it himself. Now does he deserves to stay more then Karen Or Dillion? Yes….

    • Not that I don’t completely disagree with you however,
      It’s not who “deserves” to stay or go, in the end it’s who ‘deserves to win,’ so it’s smart for Kevin to put up Demika to further his chances at winning the game.
      Yes Kevin hasn’t really “played” the game much but he also hasn’t “not played the game.” He’s smart & knows when he has to ‘play hard’ versus when he should ‘sit back and watch,’ he’s always ‘playing.’ It’s in his blood!

      I agree that Demika has been playing the game pretty hard since the beginning however, Demitri’s been ‘winning’ but he’s been Ika’s ‘puppet/not making his own big moves’ & vice versa Ika hasn’t won anything but she has Demitri to help make her moves/keeping her safe so she can play the game.
      It’s just not a game where you keep people who deserve to stay versus people who are just floaters. You know what I mean?

    • Just because he hasn’t played hard doesn’t mean he wasn’t playing he was trying to lay low but build trust and back up plans this whole game …hes play just as much the the two dummies … he just played different…ika deserves to go because she’s a foul bitch and a bully

      • Well Kevin he uses people, he said it himself, especially William! So what makes him better then anyone else? I’m sorry they are not dummies, as you said they played different. Dimitri was on the block three times he won several times HOH and POVs, as for Ika she is the brains. Look to each his own for me Kevin Ika and Dimitri should be the last three to fight till the end! As for Karen and Dillion they don’t deserve to be there till the end!

        • Welcome to Big Brother. Where people use one another and play one another. Also what are you gonna do if Dillon and Karen go to final 2 or 3? Boycott the show?

        • Wow it’s one thing to use other people in the game but ika is a bully she was going after Jackie on personal levels … she was trying to make her self evict … no body should support the way ika has played she has no class… meathead is really dumb enough said … and Dillon deserves to be there … he was targeted week two … and he faught hard to get to where he is now … Karen doesn’t but everyone wants to bring that floater with them to the end for an easy win… is this the first time you have watched big brother ?

          • ika has not attacked Jackie any more than Jackie has attacked Ika and the rest of the house. Jackie was the one that started everything between them for no reason. And who is meathead because DEMETRES has won more mental comps out of anyone in season 5. Dillon hasn’t done anything all season and Demetres and Ika have been waayyyyyy bigger targets. Karen you also have completely wrong. Karen is on of the biggest players this season except of course she gets the old lady floater edit in the show. So are you even watching this season or are you just a “meathead who is really dumb”

      • Kevin is a foul bitch too who played William and spoke ill of others. I suppose it’s the name of the game. I hope either she or Demetre wins. Karen might just ein the way she is sliding through.

    • Kevin pretty much laid low until he and Bruno were both nominated. Then he went on the attack.
      Also there is nobody who “deserves to stay”.
      It’s a game, and if people who don’t play the game don’t care. Clearly these 5 care.

    • I completely agree with you. When the game started I thought Ika would be out day two and Demetre as well but they played hard. It would be sweet to see one of them win.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy Kevin not only made it through this triple evection but is now HOH!! 🙂 Sooooo HAPPY!!!! Kevin should win! Fingers crossed!!!
    & Sidenote/question, my husband plays online poker and quite often and he’s in the same games/tables as Kevin. We often see Pilar in the background & what not however, we haven’t seen them in a while.
    My question is, are they still together? I know she is fully supporting him on Twitter, Instagram and what not but, he has not mentioned her at all and when he won HOH there were no pictures of her. (At least they didn’t show them on the episode) & I don’t watch the live feeds, I’ve never hear her name mentioned on a single episode. Are they still together? I hope so! They seemed really happy & were/are a super cute couple!
    Pilly are you reading this? Are you and Kevin still together? Jaime ( Kevin’s roommate) are you reading this? Are they still together? LOL
    I am such a nerd!

    • All do respect Tinalee, but big brother is a game. As much as survivor is. It’s not a question of personal life style or romance. You can watch other shows for that.

      I don’t care if kevin is in couple with a girl or a man. Neither if ika is a mother or Karen family or dillan girl friend, personal life is what they give up to be in that game.

      I just want them to play BB and I believe this F5 is bringing lots of fun!!

  3. Crap! My last post wasn’t meant to be so long LOL stupid talk to type……(those of you that know me on here, you know that my posts are never short!)
    My long comment/question was……
    ARE KEVIN & PILAR still together?
    Yes, I know she’s supporting him on Twitter, Instagram…… But, no pictures of her in his HOH room, never any talk of her!! Does he talk about her on the live feed???
    Are they together & any conversations about her just hit the editing floor? Anyway I’ll shut up now LOL

      • Really! Well that sucks. They were together for quite a while and we saw her all the time on the poker feeds. They seemed happy! Obviously an amicable break up because she still supporting Him on Twitter and what not.
        Did Jon & Neda last for very long?
        Anyway, thanks for answering my question 🙂

          • My husband plays online poker and up until a few months ago, he was often playing at the same table as Kevin. Kevin would play his life feeds and Pilar was there quite often. She finished up school and moved in with him and Jamie ( Kevin’s roommate and another online professional poker player )

  4. like it or not Ika has been the best player in the house this season….by far. its not even close.
    Demetre because of all his competion wins is right behind her. they truly are a power couple.
    but guarenteed one of them are gone this week. nominations dont matter at this point. its all about the POV

    • I agree. Ika has played a more strategical game compared to last time. She’s pretty much pulling a Nicole at this moment (with Demetres being the Corey) The fact that nobody thinks of evicting her (as dumb as they are) proves that she’s slippery and cunning.

      No surprise if she wins, but she already has threat written on her face.

  5. Have you notice when power player falls another rises? Let’s me narrow it down
    Season 14: Willie, then Frank & Boogie, then Dan
    Season 15: Jeremy, then McCranda, then Andy
    Season 16: Devin, then Frankie then Derrick
    Season 17: Audrey then Vanessa
    Season 18: Frank, then Paulie then Paul then Nicole
    CAN1: Tom, then Emmett
    CAN2: Sabrina, then Neda then Jon
    CAN3: Graig, then Kevin then Godfrey
    CAN4: Loveita, then Mitch, then Cassandra & Tim

    Currently: Cassandra, then Neda, then Ika.

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