Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 5/4/17

Ready for tonight’s Triple Eviction on Big Brother Canada 5? Well buckle up for a bumpy ride as we set off to discover which three Houseguests were evicted tonight and who will be joining the Jury.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Right now we’ve got Ika and Jackie on the Block as the Houseguests are preparing to what I’d consider a questionable choice, but hey it’s their chance at winning the game, not mine! So first we’ve got the eviction vote before they get the Triple shock of the season.

If things continue on as they were set when the Feeds cut then we’re likely to see Jackie voted out in this first round of votes. Ika could still go and boy this would be the chance in the DE if the other HGs can get her and Demetres on the Block at the same time. Demetres will be vulnerable as the outgoing HoH and it’d solve a lot of their problems to pull it off like a bandaid here. Let’s see what they decide to do.

Round 1: Eviction Vote:

  • Demetres: VTE Jackie
  • Karen: VTE Jackie
  • Dre: VTE Ika
  • William: VTE Jackie
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Dillon: VTE Jackie

By a vote of 4-1, Jackie has been evicted! Those foolish newbs.

Now on to the next round with a hurry up and go, go, go! We’re about to lose two more HGs from Big Brother Canada in short order.

Round 2: Head of Household Results:

  • Round 1: All correct
  • Round 2: Ika, William, & Karen eliminated.
  • Round 3: Dre is eliminated
  • Round 4: Dillon is eliminated

Demetres wins Head of Household! Wow. That’s what, his 7th comp win?

A quick talk between Ika and Demetres reveals they don’t want to nominate Karen and Dillon after they just gave them their votes to keep Ika. That leaves just three options…

Round 2: Nomination Results:

  • Demetres noms: Dre, William, & Kevin

Everyone but Demetres gets to play because Dem is the HoH. Well that’s weird. Anyway, the HGs have to race back and forth to collect shapes in an oversized child’s play area. Fun look to it. Think clown shoe set up.

Round 2: Power of Veto Comp Results:

  • Kevin wins Veto!

Round 2: Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

  • Kevin saved himself & Dillon renom’d

Round 2: Eviction Vote:

  • Ika: Votes to Save – Dillon
  • Kevin: Votes to Save – Dillon
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Karen: Votes to Save – Dillon

Dillon was saved by a 3-0 vote. Dre & William were evicted.

Head of Household – Week 9:

Spoilers are in for the new Head of Household! Find out who won HoH tonight

We’re only two weeks away from the season finale of BBCAN5 where one of these remaining HGs will be crowned the winner and receive a lifetime supply of Kraft peanut butter! I think. Maybe not.

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