Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition this week ahead of the upcoming Triple Eviction. Someone might be safe now but that won’t last for long with a stack of Houseguests getting read to leave the game. Here we have the new PoV results ready to go for the meeting to decide this week’s final noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

The new HoH had wavered on the nominations and here’s a second chance for the winner to go in a different direction for who could be the next to join the Jury.

Dillion, Jackie, and Dre joined Kevin (HoH), Demetres, and Ika in the competition. We knew this would be part of the Toyota challenge since they were warned weeks ago to remember all they could about the car.

Power of Veto Results: Week 8

Demetres won the Veto.

Not only did Demetres win the PoV but he also gets to take a drive with one of the jurors of his choice. Ika has advised him to pick Bruno as he may be more likely to give them info.

Obviously we should expect Demetres to save himself, but Dre and William say they’ll work on convincing Demetres to save Ika instead. They would promise they have the votes to evict the renom, but instead they’d evict him.

As for the renom, it sounds like Jackie will resume her role as the perma-pawn because why not. She should be safe up there against either Ika or Demetres no matter how the Veto goes.

We’ll get the Veto Ceremony on Monday so we’ll watch for talks leading up to that and confirm who looks to be this week’s main target.

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          • He needs to put Dillon up. He’s been up there, and survived. He can win comp. too..Maybe the Vets can survive. Regroup, and solidify an alliance.

          • Trust has been broken since the early part of the game, but they have few options. Both of them. They should talk. Ika will still play both sides. That’s why she’s still there, lol but she’s on the hit list too, because we all know the ‘newbies, want to win this season. They’ve expressed that.

          • Wouldn’t trust that Ika wouldn’t stab him in the back. WTH you can’t trust any of them. Poor Kevin. Would like him to go to the end.

          • Don’t think Dumb-etres is the smartest bulb but even he can’t be that dumb to use the veto on Ika. Must say tho’ I had hoped this would be the week he walked out the door

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