Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 8 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations following Thursday night’s endurance competition to crown the latest Head of Household.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

Only two Vets remain this week after Bruno’s departure and their numbers could continue to dwindle to a likely extinction as the Newbies have rallied to take out the once feared returning players.

Kevin might be in power, but that doesn’t mean the Vets are safe. He knew he had to target a pair and the most obvious choice was clear.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 8 Nominations

  • Demetres
  • Ika

Just before the nominations Kevin seems to have questioned his decision to go after Ika and Demetres, but it looks like either he was dissuaded enough or maybe he was just toying with “good TV” as he’s mentioned a few times.

Of course if Ika goes then Kevin will be the last Vet and I do think he’ll soon follow. Don’t forget that Triple Eviction coming up on Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him follow Ika out the door that night.

What do you think of Kevin’s nominations? Should he have stuck with the last Vet and tried to take out Dillon, Dre, or any Newbie at all?

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  1. Big mistake! He only has William on his side!! He should have put Karen and Dillion! This season was very predictable on all the nominations except when Sindy put up Neda!

    • exactly putting them up was the dumbest thing ever. neither of them are going after him and now once one of they are gone Kevin will become target number one

      • Who put him up last week and who was going to go home until the veto? Think his chances of anything solid with D and I were slim at best. Hopefully Will wins HOH and keeps him safe well as safe as it was last time for him.

          • And tomorrow they will talk again and ika will want him out bad … they messed up going after Bruno and Kevin to begin with was a terrible game move so one of them deserve to go home now I hope ika bad then the big meat head right after

          • I don’t think Kevin has any intention of taking those two either. At this stage of the game, they’re all just taking chances which move is better for their game. (in the mean time) F3, who knows?..They should take Karen, for a sure win….omg

          • Dillon has the right idea about Karen or Jackie even but still I cant root for him or any of those newbies. Was wanting Dre to win until she cut her nose off to spite her face when she turned on Ika and Deme. Seems like she was jealous of the queen and wanted to take her place but she is NO Ika.

  2. To those saying this is a bad move here’s a few things to keep in mind
    1. Demetres (and Ika for that matter) put him up last week
    2. Kevin can’t trust anyone except for William
    3. Putting up Dillon and Karen will isolate him even more. Ika and Demetres will take him out.
    4. With Ika gone Demetres will be all alone thus the bigger target.
    5. I think newbies vs veterans died when Neda put up Cassandra. Just saying.

    • 1) so what they put him up last week. They have talked about it together and neither one is going after kevin for a while. they only put them up last week because they didn’t want to make the newbies mad. Ika didn’t want both bruno and kevin up but she thought it was better for demes game to not go against the newbies
      2) Kevin can trust Deme and Ika for a couple of weeks and William would go against Kevin right away because every single newbie wants the next three to be Ika then Kevin then Deme to go
      3) Putting up Karen and Dillon would not Isolate him more. Karen and dillon are going after Kevin and putting Ika and Deme just made every single person in the house against him
      4) with Ika gone there will be one Vet left and that’s Kevin. The newbies want the final six to be all newbies
      5) Newbies vs Vets never died…….for the Newbies. yes it ended for the vets but all the newbies want the vets gone

      • 1. That shows that Demetres and Ika want Kevin gone. Can he honestly trust them? Ika doesn’t have his best interest.
        2. No he can’t. Demika is to blame for Bruno going home.
        3. True but Deme and Ika want him gone as well.
        4. You’re forgetting that these are the newbies who’d take each other out rather than go for a big threat. You’re overestimating these people.
        5. You’d be surprised. Newbies aren’t that bright.

        While I can see where you’re coming from, Demika want Kevin gone so even if Dillon and Karen were the noms Kevin would be screwed.

        • 1) Ika and Deme realized this week all the newbies (even dre) want them out. they want Kevin out around fourth or fifth after they get out Dillon Jackie William and maybe Dre but she’s not good at comps
          2) yeah Demika took BRUNO out not Kevin. Yes they might have wanted Kevin out last week but things change so fast and even Dre is starting to become their number one target this week
          3) exactly now everyone wants kevin gone next after Ika. he could have gotten to final five or four if deme won HOH on thursday over Dre Jackie Ika William and Karen (Dillon would’ve been voted out before the triple)
          4) no your underestimating them. These newbies especially Dre hate ika and Kevin so so much it’s insane
          5) ^^^ yes the newbies are bright. they’re brighter than Kevin but the show gives them the newbies edit while Kevin gets the stratigic edit which is the complete opposite of what he is if you watched the feeds.

          • 1. Fair point but how do you think they’l get Kevin to trust them?
            2. Bruno was Kevin’s ally. Would Kevin go home if William didn’t use the veto? Or would Bruno still have gone home.
            3. That I agree with.
            4. Maybe I’m under the assumptions that the newbies aren’t bright.
            5. Out of all the newbies, who has the most brains.

          • Newbies are smart players. Low profile, kinda stealthy. They just watched in the background, Vets evicting each other. On paper it’s obvious. Started with Dallas, big players like Gary, Cassandra, Neda, Sindy followed by Bruno? lol They might not be too solid but they have one common interest..’to get all the Vets out, and that’s what’s happening.

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