Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Plans

We’ve got some options coming up on Big Brother Canada 5 with the Veto Ceremony later today but they shouldn’t be hard to predict what’s about to happen.

Demetres and Ika talk plans on BBCAN5

Another power shift brought a new opportunity for targets and you can’t pass up an opportunity like this. Now the house will soon face their next decision and today’s PoV meeting will make it official for who is up for the big vote.

No surprises here that Kevin went after Demetres and Ika. It was a safe, easy, and not a terrible choice, but really I don’t see Kevin having any “good” moves left as it’s all just delaying his most likely situation. He’ll probably be joining the Big Brother Canada Jury soon and with three evictions on Thursday I wouldn’t be surprised for him to go in that wave.

It won’t be his time just yet though and it won’t be Demetres’s either thanks to his Veto win on Saturday. Of course it’s a bittersweet outcome for him as he doesn’t want to be split up from Ika but he’s gotta see that coming.

Dre and William suggested they’d try to get Demetres to use it on Ika with a promise of safety, but no way no how. Who would do that? Certainly not Demetres. He’ll use the Veto and keep himself safe this round.

Kevin will have to name a renom and I’d expect that to be Jackie. He’s said that’s his plan and it’s another easy choice. Jackie is to go-to renom pawn and she knows it by now. She should be safe against Ika, but you never know.

What do you think Kevin should do with his renom? And there’s no real question over Demetres saving himself, right? I can’t see him possibly making some ridiculous surprise move to save Ika.

We’ll get the spoilers later today from the BBCAN5 Feeds and update you when it happens.