Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition this week for the increasingly divided and quickly emptying house. Now we’ve got noms and PoV results ready to go for the meeting to decide Week 7’s final noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

With William’s secret Veto out there this could give us the chance at seeing the whole Block wiped out with a fresh pair of noms. Now that’d be something, but will it happen?

If both Vetoes get played then it’ll be up to William. Yep, he won the last competition and has the chance to force a complete do-over for Demetres, if he wanted to see that happen.

Power of Veto Results: Week 7

William won the Veto.

Kevin is probably feeling pretty happy since he’s been working on William for awhile now, but do you think William is willing to save him with either of his Vetoes? I’d be surprised if he used both of them, but maybe just one. It could happen.

We’ll get the Veto Ceremony on Monday so we’ll watch for talks leading up to that and see who looks to be this week’s main target.

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    • But the secret one that he has I understand that he can be put on the block if he uses it …..that’s what I red.

        • I read that too and I wonder how it would work. If Will used the regular POV first, then did use his secret POV second would that make his safety void? I hope BB thought of that. I think it would be great if the secret POV got used second made his safety void cause then Dem would be able to put will on the block and there is no way to save himself..especially if they put Dre up beside him. She would have to campaign for herself instead of going to everyone to get them to keep Will. This is going to be an interesting week. Will seems smart though, he knows Kev is playing him, Kev lied to him when he promised to use the POV couple of weeks ago when Will was HOH and then didn’t…so why would Kev think Will should use it to save him. I just truly hope that neither POV gets used. One of those two needs to go.

        • Will knows that Kev is playing him, Dre told him a couple of weeks ago when Will was HOH. Kev had POV that week and promised will he would use it..then stood up and said sorry will I’ve decided NOT to use it. Will was pissed off after hopefully Will wont use it to save either of them. I hope he also tells the house that he had a secret POV too that he could have used to save Kev and Bruno. Sadly, if will did use either POV he would make himself a huge target for everyone else and I think he knows that. He’s in a good position right now, I doubt he would want to screw that up. I will have to check live feeds tonight to see what he’s saying about the POV.

  1. He doesn’t have the balls to use the real one on Kevin and piss off the whole house; he’ll use the secret one on him instead. Will is safe this week b/c he is the actual veto winner

    • I have a feeling if Kevin was saved by a secret veto the house would figure out that Will had it…especially since Karen pretty much caught him coming out the door..will was able to convince her that he didn’t do anything though, or he would have lost the secret POV..he had to do it without getting caught. Karen is annoying but she’s observant, she would go around telling everyone about what she saw that day.

  2. Since Will has both vetos he can use the secret one on Kevin and use the real one on himself to keep his self safe regardless Bruno may be the one walking out

    • I’m good with that..As long as one of them is going out. I prefer Bruno out. He’s more threatening (not in a physical way) when he is trying to convince anyone to do things..the way he speaks/demands, slams his hands down the scary look he gets on his face, where Kevin is a lot more gentle in his approach. Bruno was the same way on his first season…didn’t like it then and still don’t like it now. I just think they picked the worse Vets..they must have been the only ones that wanted to do it. lol

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