Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 7 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations after the latest HoH made the picks and takes us closer to the next eviction in this BBCAN5 season.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

Another cliffhanger HoH competition for the Houseguests on Thursday after they faced a three part elimination battle to control the game this week as the clock winds down. Find out who was put on the Block…

Demetres allegedly beat out Bruno by just a moment and that could cost the isolated Vets a lot this week. They needed a win to avoid the continued picking off, but who knows what could happen in nearly a week with the Veto ahead and William’s special Veto about to expire this round.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 7 Nominations

  • Bruno
  • Kevin

No big surprises here. The choices were Bruno, Jackie, or Kevin and if Ika is still playing her game of trying to pretend to trust Jackie then influencing keeping Jackie off the Block was easier. This way at least they have a chance of getting one of the two male Vets out.

Veto is coming up on Saturday so let’s see where this goes. If Jackie plays, wins it, and saves one of the guys then that could be interesting, but for now the majority power still controls the final decision.

What do you think of Demetres’s picks? Should William get ready to use his power or let things continue to move along?

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  1. It will be interesting to see what William does with this special veto. I expect that he will really want to use it and not let it go to waste. So, if Bruno wins the veto and takes himself off, will William use it on Kevin? Could really disrupt Dumb-etres’ (let’s get real Ika’s) plans. I’m hoping for some drama

  2. Possible scenario what can happen if Will uses his veto….if one of them saves themselves then Deme will probably nominate Jackie…then if Will uses the veto to save the other….Deme would have to nominate again and pick in my opinion Dre so William will have to vote with them to save her…If William decides to hang tough and vote with bruno and kevin it will be a tie and Deme is the tie breaker and depending who Queen Ika is pissed off at….Jackie or Dre will go….that’s why Will will not use the veto if he’s smart….it won’t help his game.

  3. Eh not surprised.
    Ika became the new Neda.
    It all depends if one of the boys wins veto and if Will has any guts to use the veto. But then again one of his allies could go home.
    Though what surprises me is that Demetres isn’t targeting his arch-rival Dillon. I guess he’s under Ika’s spell.

  4. I love ika but she needs to wake up and start helping the vets. Ika is not the new Neda. I likes Neda season 2 then when watching this year,not just the show but the feeds, I realized that it must have just been Johns liability that shadowed the way she is…….

    • Actually she was the brains while he was the brawns and beauty in the Jeda alliance.

      Neda was a sharp strategical thinker.

      Jon was a comp beast and was a likable guy in the house.

    • She was quiet on her season, even seemed nice. This season, I think we saw the real Neda. All she did was insult and be mean as hell to almost everyone. I was really happy when Ika got Sindy to put her up, as were many by the reaction of the Audience. Jon was smart to cut Neda and sit beside (forget her name)…beside Neda he probably wouldn’t have won.

  5. Will has the power to veto a nom but it didn’t say if it would keep him safe too (I would assume it would but with BB who knows-they make up the rules as they go along this if either kevin or bruno comes off and will uses it to save the other, maybe he can be a replacement..they would probably have to ask for clarity on that..i would. Also, if he does use it to save a vet, he will be the next big target, even Dre IMO would turn on him. I don’t think he will use it on them though, He said on live feeds that he wont let Kevin keep playing him…I hope he means it and realizes what it would do to his game if he saved Kevin or Bruno. Right now he is comfortable with both sides..use it and he will have to rely on Kevin/Bruno only…cause Dem would put Jackie up and Dre beside her (if he’s smart) that way William will have to scramble to convince K/B to save Dre for him, since he saved one of them with his SPOV.

  6. Why do people keep insulting Will by saying ‘if he is smart..’? So far he has played a very good game and he wins competitions. I hope he doesn’t use the veto on Kevin

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