Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Plans – Update

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up today and there’s not one but two Vetoes out there that could come in to play, but will a certain Houseguest be so daring?

Ika and Kevin talk plans on BBCAN5

This will be the last chance for William to play his Secret Veto and so far it doesn’t seem like anyone else really knows that it’s out there. With its secret use it’d be the perfect chance for him to shake up the game without being detected during today’s Veto meeting.

Now we know that not only does William have the bonus PoV that can be used without anyone knowing he’s done it, but he also has the regular Veto after Saturday’s competition. With his snuggle buddy Kevin on the Block this seems like the perfect opportunity to use at least one of those Vetoes, right? Maybe not.

William earlier promised Kevin that he’d save him but then last night he promised Ika that he wouldn’t use the Veto. She asked if he’d rather suffer through not using the Veto or facing her wrath. Well that choice was easy. The upswing of the deal for William was her promise that the majority would vote to keep Kevin this week over Bruno.

But what if he used his secret Veto and Kevin came down? No one would know it was him for sure, but if Kevin was saved they’d probably figure out it was either Kevin himself or William. Not sure anyone else would have the motivation.

As for the chances of William using the secret one, he told Jackie that he didn’t think there’d be any crazy twists like a double Veto this season. So either he’s covering his tracks or downplaying the chances of him doing just that. I’d guess it’s the latter, but we’ll find out soon enough.

What would you do if you were William with the chance to wipe the Block and force Demetres to start over? Aside from the fun of the chaos would it really help William’s game to do so? Whatever he decides we’ll have the spoilers later today for results.

Update: So shortly after I published this William woke up and made a comment as though he would act surprised by a secret Veto. Hmm. Sounds like he just might be planning on saving Kevin with the secret Veto after all. I think this is a foolish idea, but I doubt that’d stop him. William had negotiated for Kevin’s safe passage this week and the chances of anyone thinking it’s anyone other than him or Kevin who made this move are close to nil.

If William does play the secret Veto and Kevin comes down then it’ll probably be Karen who goes up. Oh that should go over well considering her love of all things Kevin.