Big Brother Canada 4: Will Votes Shift In Week 5?

After Houseguests looked ready to send Dallas out the door on Big Brother Canada 4 this week there may be a change in the plans after more talks last night.

Maddy Pavel on Big Brother Canada 4
Maddy Pavel on Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

The voting plan had been to evict Dallas, but a shift overnight has shored up support to keep him in the game and that could end up dividing the house. Excellent!

Earlier this morning Tim pulled Dallas aside and let him know it looked good for his chances to stay in the game over Maddy if he agreed to a few things. Tim wants to make sure Dallas would be targeting Raul and Jared before setting his sights on Tim and Cassandra.

Meanwhile, Mitch is aware of things shifting against his plans to keep Maddy. He has let Raul and Jared know that this week’s vote might not be so simple after all. They’re planning to talk with Joel who could end up being the pivot point of these votes.

There are eight votes this week which means either side will need five to keep the tie-breaker out of Tim’s hands. Originally he was going to keep Maddy, but at the moment he’s looking to keep Dallas. Maddy’s allies, or at least those who feel it’s best for their game to keep her, will need to lock down five votes to make that happen.

Dallas looks to have the votes of Nikki, Cassandra, the brothers, and possibly Joel. If he can swing those then Tim makes the final decision and Dallas stays. It’s going to be close either way.

What do you think the house will end up doing on Thursday? Who would you keep if you had to choose?