Big Brother Canada 4: Will Votes Shift In Week 5?

After Houseguests looked ready to send Dallas out the door on Big Brother Canada 4 this week there may be a change in the plans after more talks last night.

Maddy Pavel on Big Brother Canada 4
Maddy Pavel on Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

The voting plan had been to evict Dallas, but a shift overnight has shored up support to keep him in the game and that could end up dividing the house. Excellent!

Earlier this morning Tim pulled Dallas aside and let him know it looked good for his chances to stay in the game over Maddy if he agreed to a few things. Tim wants to make sure Dallas would be targeting Raul and Jared before setting his sights on Tim and Cassandra.

Meanwhile, Mitch is aware of things shifting against his plans to keep Maddy. He has let Raul and Jared know that this week’s vote might not be so simple after all. They’re planning to talk with Joel who could end up being the pivot point of these votes.

There are eight votes this week which means either side will need five to keep the tie-breaker out of Tim’s hands. Originally he was going to keep Maddy, but at the moment he’s looking to keep Dallas. Maddy’s allies, or at least those who feel it’s best for their game to keep her, will need to lock down five votes to make that happen.

Dallas looks to have the votes of Nikki, Cassandra, the brothers, and possibly Joel. If he can swing those then Tim makes the final decision and Dallas stays. It’s going to be close either way.

What do you think the house will end up doing on Thursday? Who would you keep if you had to choose?


  1. Isn’t Ramsey going to vote for Dallas to stay? His name was not included with the others who are keeping him

  2. I understand the pros and cons with keeping Dallas over Maddie but at the end of the day Dallas is a strong competitor and just like last week when Maddie should have gotten out Jared, again it looks like another woman is going. These people need to stop flip-flopping and go with their initial thoughts. In my opinion Dallas needs to go just like Jared should have went last week although I do like Jared. Dallas is getting in people’s heads and rightfully so, his arguments are valid. If he stays he is going to go after Jared and Raul. I wonder if Kelsey or Loveita will get to vote?!
    Dallas and Jared are both strong competitors and everyone is making it about those two sides, what Dallas and Jared should be doing is creating a very secret Alliance and keep each other. Start getting rid of these wild cards.
    Clearly once Loveita or Kelsey come back things are going to change because of the information they have both giving each other! Mitch Joel & Tim are not going to be sitting as pretty as they have been thus far once one of the girls is back in the house. I like Mitch and actually wanted him to win, he’s playing a very good game but unfortunately for him because of this twist everything’s going to blow up in his face. Will he be the next to go? Will the HGS believe whichever girl comes back in the house? Things are going to get interesting once one of them is back! The whole house is going to be flipped upside down in my opinion.

    • A secret alliance of Jared and Dallas would be quite a shocker especially seeing how they both very much hate one another…but hey who knows anything can happen in the BB house

      • “Hate” you think? I don’t really think they hate or dislike each other, at least not as much as before. Since Kelsey left Dallas and Jared seem to talk a lot more. Even after the veto competition Jared said he felt a little bad for Dallas. Yes not completely but he did. If you hate someone then you certainly never feel bad for them. If anything Dallas dislikes Jared more.
        I think they are both just strong competitive men who ended up on different sides of the house. IMO

        • Yea I can see where you’re getting at, that is true both seem very competitive and if they can put aside their differences between one another they can potentially become an alliance which can be lethal in the competition since they are both competition beasts but it seems like the house is fixed on getting Dallas out Tonight

    • i think Cass is playing Dallas. Her & Maddie said that they’re both tired of girls going….. Cass knows if another girl goes she might be next…. I think Cass will vote out Dallas! Just from the BBAD stuff I’ve watched.
      I don’t think Joel will go against Dallas but I never in my wildest dreams would have seen what he was planning on doing with Kelsey!
      Again, these opinions are formed from what BB wants us to see!
      Joel had never been shown to have had conversations with Loveta until we saw them during Joel’s reign….
      So??? Who knows?

  3. I kinda wanna see Maddie stay, not because she brings anything to the table but soley because I so badly want to see her face when one of the girls walk back into the house

    • Could not agree with you more. Plus it would be nice for a dude to get voted out LOL and, it would make sense to get rid of a strong player LOL but clearly these HGs don’t know the game! Yeah keep the strong people!
      Maddie is making her way around the house…. First she was crushing on Jared, then making out with one of the bros & now onto Ramsey!

  4. After watching a little bit of Big Brother after Dark it looks like Dallas is staying?! Although I don’t know and didn’t finish watching to find out what’s going on with Nikki, they were all talking about needing to talk to her but in the end she will most likely vote with Tim or what Tim so it looks like for now anyways Maddie’s going home! Lame!
    I just do not get this house! Two strong players Jared and Dallas ….. yet they send home or potentially send home two more women! Loveita and now Maddie! Good God!
    On another note, watching a little bit of Kelsey’s reaction tonight regarding Raul and Jared, she’s ready to play! Hard! Send her back in, she’s going to be causing drama everywhere! If Loveita goes back in, she’s just going to tiptoe around everything and do what Kelsey told her to do. In my opinion anyway! Kelsey is pissed!

      • If they bring Loveita back in and get rid of Tim and Nikki, I may watch it again otherwise I’ll wait for next year.

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