Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 5

The next vote is just two days away on Big Brother Canada and the debates continue over which Houseguest to send out the door next while one of last week’s evictees waits to return to the game.

Mitch & Raul aren't stressing the next vote on BBCAN4
Mitch & Raul aren’t stressing the next vote on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

The Veto Ceremony on Monday settled who would be the final choices and there’s been some back and forth over who could end up going. Now that the total votes are shrinking there’s more of chance for a shift to change the plan.

Tim wants Dallas gone and now that he’s up against Maddy this looks like the chance for the five round streak of women-only evictions to end, or maybe not. Cassandra has apparently been toying with the idea of keeping Dallas over Maddy and boy does that not sit well with Tim. He promised other BBCAN4 HGs that he’d call Cassandra out if she dared to make that flip. Lucky for him, Cassandra is now back on track to keep Maddy.

Last night Cassandra and Maddy talked about sticking together, at least for this vote, as two of the last three ladies. They don’t know it yet, but if Maddy stays then their numbers will be back up to four with the return of either Loveita or Kelsey. Still no word yet on how that will be decided.

So if the vote were held this afternoon then Dallas would be the most likely evicted HG and Maddy would be safe to keep playing. We’ll keep watching though to see what happens over the next two days on Big Brother Canada.