Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

We have your Big Brother Canada spoilers as this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony is over and revealed on the Live Feeds to give us this week’s final nominations ahead of Thursday’s eviction show.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Things went down just as expected during today’s Veto meeting and now the game is on to secure the votes and be ready for staying in the house.

Ramsey obviously used the Veto since he was on the Block which left an open spot next to Dallas. Tim had warned Maddy she had received the third most votes so it was no surprise that she was named as the renom.

Dallas is already working hard to get the votes he needs to stay. There are eight votes this week and Tim is the tie-breaker if it comes to that. He already promised Maddy he’d break it in her favor so Dallas will need five votes to avoid that. Think he can pull it off?

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  1. Dallas needs to leave cuz I think he’s a loose canon in the house!!
    Mandy is easier to manipulate, which is part of game play to some extent.

    I also think it was strange for Maddy to nom out lavita with the rational of ‘she lied to me!’
    Hell ya! Everyone has lied at some point in that house. It is a given!! Even the little white lies…..

    She’s from Vancouver & so am. I should be routing for her but my goodness she is short a few bricks!! Lololol and her game play sucks…. Too bad for the west coast!! Left behind again….. Lololo

    Does everyone or anyone agree to get Dallas out? Or as he’s been renamed ‘itchy balls!!’

    • yes Dallas has to go, he’s a bigger threat for sure. Even though Maddie is now proven to not be trustworthy within an alliance, I still don’t think she is much of a threat. every single person in that house is a threat, it’s just a matter of who is more of a threat. I think Maddie took out Lovieta ONLY because she wants to be the only woman left standing. I think she’s insecure of other women and she just used the excuse of these lies. Her move was super stupid! I’m not a fan of Dallas but I completely understand why he so angry with her. I completely understand! She’s an idiot! And I really really hope Kelsey gets back in the house because for entertainment purposes it will just be so so funny to watch Maddie’s reaction.

      • Last night on BBAD Maddie was speaking with Cass & she told Cass that she had told lavita to her face that she hated her… that could have been the reason why….. Maybe she had trust issues with lavita?? Who knows but her game isn’t that good!

        • I don’t trust Cassandra! So because she said apparently to “Loveitas face” that she hated her, that could be BS! And why does she hate her?

          • Why did she put her up to back door her??? There’s something to be said about that, do you not think? ?

          • Why didn’t Maddy put up Cassandra? Or are you talking about when Maddie put up Loveita? LOL sorry I got confused LOL

            Maddy apparently put up Loveita (even tho they we’re in an alliance, secure within that Alliance and completely against Dallas’s wishes stupid girl! Even though I don’t like Dallas, they still had a strong Alliance and she totally messed that up!) She put her up apparently because Loveita lied to her face twice?! dun dun dun………..(That, to my knowledge was never backed up?! I never heard if she told Dallas what those lies were??!?!) And because apparently Maddie said she told Loveita ‘to her face’ that she ‘hated her.’ (Again, I never heard of that prior to reading that the other day.) Not sure what that’s about! “HATE”is a very strong word IMO. I do not hate Dallas but I do dislike him LOL just because he’s arrogant obnoxious loud and gross. I’m sure he’s a really nice person and to be completely honest for the first a few days/ week maybe he was one of my favorites but then he just got too arrogant.

          • I agree ‘hate’ is a word that ppl use too often & need to rethink what they’re saying. It’s a word I just don’t use…. There’s good in everyone…. Sometimes you’re challenged more to find that good!! Ok JK!
            Hang on….. I do use ‘hate’ when I’m talking about pickled herring!! Yuck!! Barf! Lol

          • LOL…..
            I do not use the word hate often either but I have and I do. I hate the yulin dog meat Festival for one example!!!!!

      • Tinalee, Like i said I was watching BBAD & ‘itchy balls’ is now also known as ‘plumber bum’ now as well. Ewwee….!!! Lololololol

  2. Impossible!!!! aside from Maddie proving she is untrustworthy, what reason would there be to keep Dallas???? he is a physical threat, and for the most part a good social player with the people he likes at least? Only reason to keep him around is if he made some good New alliances, did he? And the only other reason to keep him around is because he will always have a target on him, especially with Jared and Raul.
    so what’s the talk? Maddie or Dallas going home?

  3. so I keep asking this, and I’m assuming we don’t know because no one has answered me.
    do we know how Kelsey or Loveita might get back in the house? A competition? Our votes? Has there been any hints?
    it’s driving me crazy LOL I just want Kelsey back in the house. Just to see the look on Maddie’s face will be worth it! It’s very clear Maddie backdoored Loveita because well first of all she’s an idiot and secondly because she wants to be the only girl left in the house with all those boys LOL i’m not a fan of Dallas but I completely understand why he’s angry with Maddy, her eviction shot them in the foot! It was not good for them in any way & her stupid excuse about evicting her because she caught her lying LOL give me a break, they all lie!!! duhhhh it’s big brother dumbass, could she not have fought of a better excuse? Back door your alliance member because she lied! What an idiot LOL

    • Hahah couldn’t agree more and if Kelsey doesnt get back in but Loveita does I can imagine the look on Maddie’s face now *Priceless* kind of like this emoji▶?….she’ll piss her pants for sure when either girl walks back in and I’ll have my popcorn right beside me enjoying every last second of the reactions?

      • LOL…. I bought my bag of popcorn already haha yeah I guess it really doesn’t matter which one goes back in the house, Maddie’s reaction will be Priceless regardless but I just think it will be a little more entertaining to see Kelsey go back in. I mean she did take her DUCK LOL & it’s very clear Maddie wants to be the only woman left so once the “prettiest girl” (who Maddy was a complete b**** to out of insecurity!) walks back in the house, that will be the best! And imagine how Kelsey will feel?! It will be awesome! And plus all the info the girls give each other while in the war room. Perfect!
        I expected a lot more a girl from Vancouver like I am! I wanted to root for her from the beginning but it was impossible!

        • Agreed!
          I bought an old fashioned popcorn maker a few weeks ago! I’ll be popping that sucker & perhaps another cork for wed show…. & finish the bottle off for Thursday’s hour & a half show!! But it better be good!
          tinalee, as Vancouverites I think we need to head to the east to show how the viewers want the show to go…… You in? Lololol…… Anyone else???
          Just waiting for BB to smarten up & ask me to come help them with decisions. Lololololol bahhahahahaha! I’ll be here forever………

          • I have never applied to be on BB because I know I would suck LOL I don’t like confrontation so I would just agree with everyone and that will get me in trouble. My husband however Kama he would be perfect for the show! But he won’t apply LOL

          • I PVR them all & do fast forward but I just get so bored watching it LOL I did start using closed captioning this year which is helpful 🙂 all the whispering drives me crazy. Now I can piece some of it together

  4. I forgot to ask with my endless amounts of rumbling LOL what was Maddie’s reaction to going on the Block?
    & I am assuming because I haven’t read it yet that we don’t know how Kelsey or Loveita make it back into the house? Competition? Viewer votes? It’s driving me crazy! I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t care who was going back in but because I want Kelsey back in really really bad mainly because watching Maddie’s face/reaction will be priceless! When will we know? Any gossip or rumors on what it might be?

    • She’s trying to talk Cass into keeping her cuz Dallas is more of a threat but Cass’ argument to Maddie is that Dallas isn’t coming after her or Tim. So who knows??? I just hope it’s Dallas that goes!! Ugh!

      Just watching BBAD (cuz another sleepless night) & Emmit is partying with the winners of a fun comp. The losing team is watching on the TV screen. They’re all watching & out of the 5 of them only 2 knows who he is. Dalla who’s a big ‘fan’ doesn’t know who he is?? Right there tells me that these super fans really aren’t as super as BB portraits. Even the winning team many didn’t know who he was! Come on BB who are you kidding? Fixed fixed fixed! Imo

      • Omg really!! Pfft… And these people claim they’re super fans? just watching BBCan 3 last year does not account for as a super fan!?

      • I did flip on Big Brother after Dark right before bed and saw Emmet with everyone. I didn’t watch much of it though, going to watch some tonight.
        Are you kidding me? Only two people knew who he was???? And there is 7 of them because there’s Tim who is HOH and the brothers make 2, Raul Joel Cassandra Ramsey… Right? So that 7 of them not 5 and only 2 knew who he was? What two? I assume Cassandra and Joel?
        I saw the losing team got to see him also. That was? Nikki, Jared, Maddie, Mitch and Dallas? I saw they were just standing outside the door and Nikki ran in and hug him and someone told her to get out right? Who was that LOL out of the losing team, who knew he was? My husband isn’t a huge fan of bb, some Seasons he will watch it and other ones he just doesn’t but he knows who Emmett is. At this point of Big Brother Canada and us you would think pretty much every person in the house aside from maybe Tim and Nikki would know who everyone is. Especially when you get picked to go on the show, why would you not binge watch at the very least Big Brother Canada? And Dallas is a superfan you said? And he doesn’t know who Emmett is?? Give me a break! That is not a super fan! It’s not like Emmett was voted out the first week, he won the game! Oh wait no Jillian did but still LOL and he’s been back every season and gone into the house plus been on the after show so how can Dallas not know who he is if he is a super fan!? And the other house guest?? That makes no sense whatsoever! Have they all been living under a rock? So just curious, everyone in the house who either won or lost, who knew who he is?

        I would assume but I can be wrong but I would think that Cassandra, Mitch, Ramsey even?? Maddy, Joel, & Raul (for sure!) Would definitely know who he is. Well I would think they all aside from maybe Nikki and Tim would know who he was. I would have thought Tim because he’s intelligent would have at the very least binge watch Big Brother Canada season 1 2 & 3. And all of the girls I would assume would know who Emmett is because he’s super hot LOL in my opinion!
        So who above knew who he was?
        And then Jared Dallas the brothers Ramsey Tim and Nikki don’t know who he is? That doesn’t make any sense! Plus…..From what you said mostly everyone doesn’t know who he is????? I’m just saying I would have thought they ALL would have definitely knew who he was. I’m completely shocked! It makes no sense whatsoever.

        • I thought I said that there was only 2 from the losers that knew who he was?? That was my intent anyway…. 1/2 the time it’s in btwn sleeping that I write my opinions….. So…yikes! I think I lead you astray?!
          It seemed like Dallas, Nikki & Jared didn’t know who he was….. On the winning team Tim certainly didn’t know who he was the others??? Not sure…. I must have been 1/2 a sleep when I wrote that cuz that even confused me…?! Sorry to stir things up but glad I could correct this!
          Peace out!

          • Say what girl!?!? ….. meaning more people actually did know who Emmett what?? You’re confusing me girlfriend LOL and I know I probably confuse you.
            So I get it, more people did actually know who Emmett is than you initially thought? So last night I went to go watch the episode with Emmett talking to the winners of the competition and I had about 10 more episodes prior to that recorded and last night’s episode was recording…..I don’t know what I did but instead of individually deleting them I accidentally deleted all! 🙁 so no catching up for me lol aside from last night Big Brother after Dark.Grrrr….!!! So now I am really not going to know what’s going on.
            I knew Jared did not know who Emmett was because of talks about them being similar but aside from that I figured every single person in the house aside from maybe Nikki & Tim would know who pretty much at the very least every single person who at least made it 2 jury on Big Brother Canada seasons 1 2 3. If they are not fans or superman, would they not be smart and at least watch Big Brother Canada previous seasons? They are given enough time are they not? I mean it’s not like they get picked to go on the show and have to leave immediately although it does look like that, it’s not really what happens. I don’t know how much time they are given? But catch up on at the very least previous Big Brother Canada and also fix your hair extensions… Yes I’m talking to you Loveita LOL

          • I’m not sure who knew & who didn’t know who Emmit was.. I do remember there was Jared, Dallas & Nikki who said they had no idea…
            In the winners circle…. There were a few but I can’t remember who they were…. Tim yes & one more??? But I don’t even remember what I did today….
            Remember I had all those surgeries & am just starting to ‘get it back!’
            So, just take what I say with a grain of salt please, I’d hate to steer anyone wrong & have someone ‘get up in my grill!’ Joel’s words. Lol

            And Tinalee, that really sucks that you deleted all the BBAD episodes!! They really are hard to hear & really no content you’re missing…. So it’s ok!!

          • Surgeries??? Hey, I’ve had no surgeries and I can’t remember what I did this morning LOL so don’t feel bad 🙂
            I have a Google boxs so if I really wanted to I could watch them all still but it’s not a big deal.

          • 4 in 5 years…. A messed up ACL (dr cut nerve so now perm nerve damage + other sheitttt)
            Then 3spine surgeries. I have a cage in my neck & a fusion in my low back that took 2 surgeries to fix.. It’s more being bogged down unable to do what I want!
            Anyway…. I have BB & Survivor! Just kidding!
            I’m getting there….. One day at a time!
            All rainbows & lollipops
            Lololol not!

          • Do you know how much time they are given from the time they know they are going on Big Brother to the time they enter the house?

          • Sorry Tinalee…. I know nothing! But I have opinions…. Lol
            I was counting on someone here to Lmk??? Anyone??
            If BB hasn’t asked the viewers for their chose I think that’s bunk! We are the reason the show is so successful! Just my humble opinion… JMHO

          • Haha you and me both! Looks like you and I are both trying to piece the puzzle together LOL and yeah, clearly not viewers choice but then again I think the viewers would have picked Loveita at least according to that poll…….& I would WAY rather see Kelsey in the house again especially after watching a little bit of Big Brother after Dark tonight. Kelsey was super fired up about the lack of gameplay and how much Raul was sleeping because she never campaigned against him and now he’s not even fighting. + she’s annoyed with Jared because he’s not playing as hard as she would like to see him play. And Loveita is agreeing with Kelsey and pretty much saying she will do everything Kelsey tells her to do. So again, boring Loveita!! Kelsey is going to go in there guns blazing with everything she has seen and everything Loveita has told her. The only excitement Loveita seems to show is being excited to go back in and laugh in Maddie’s face who probably won’t even be in the house any more!

  5. WHAT THE ‘DUCK!!’ (Yes pun intended….Maddie LOL)
    I just saw a poll on another website asking whether people want Kelsey or Loveita back in the house and I am shocked at the results! 70% want Loveita back in the house and 30% Kelsey! Seriously?! Am I missing something??? I admit both of them were both pretty boring to watch however, Kelsey going back in will be way way way more entertaining! No??? How would Loveita be better? She’ll be voted out the next week! Okay maybe not the next week but still! I just don’t get it. What am I missing?
    Matt can you do a poll on here?

    • I love your long posts (comments)
      I want Kelsey to go bs k in the house but I don’t want Jared to throw his game cuz of her. I also don’t want him to waste his time with jealousy either. That part would be hard for Jared but having her in the house over Lovita would definitely be more entertainment value.

      Big Brother, please go back to the feeds & see how boring Lovita was. All she did was hid out in the HOH room or magnetized herself to Joel/Dallas or Ramsey. (Not really Ramsey either)
      She had no true alliance cuz she changed all over the place. AND Maddie, who was in the alliance, ‘hated’ lovita (Maddie’s words)

      So think about who you’re putting back in the house. I truly do not believe that your polls are leaning towards Lovita when on this site alone there are more votes for Kelsey to go back in than Lovita.

      If Lovita was entertaining, maybe but she clams up & can’t be herself cuz she doesn’t know the game. She’ll be voted right back out &’wow! Whoopie do do! What’s the point then? Kelsey at least will have a longer time if she’s chosen (unlikely voted cuz I don’t believe in your poll) to return to the BB CAN GRAND….. Btw stupid name for this season…. CAN GRAND?? Whatz with that???

      Ok enuff ranting! Sorry for the long & perhaps neg post!!

  6. Another website did a poll on who people wanted back in the house and 70% said Loveita & 30% Kelsey!!!! Say what!? Really!?! Lame!


    • Noooooooooo!!! Eeewwwweeeee! Not Lovita PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEE!!

      Big brother come on…… I want to see the proof that 70% of viewers want boring Lovita back in the house. If that’s so I think it’s fixed!!

      But then I’m starting to believe the whole show is fixed to some degree!!

      I think this will be the last time I spend my energy watching & keeping up with BBCAN….

  7. Ok now here’s another reason to put Kelsey back in the house…. I’m just watching BBAD (PVR’d) and Im watching Kelsey tell Lovita how to play the game. It seems like Lovita would be playing Kelsey’s game & why not just send in the real thing??

    I’m talking to you BB…. Don’t make the wrong choice! Cuz I doubt very much the polls are 70% Lovita & 30% Kelsey

    • Yea indeed, all the polls I saw show a preference for Loveita. Hopefully it will not be a viewers vote. I think they would have started the vote already if it was us voting. I’m starting to believe more and more that the HGs will be the one voting for who return.

      • I am totally surprised with a 70% and 30%! Although I’ve only seen that on one website. Have you seen them on others?
        I for the life of me cannot understand how Lavita (i am just going to spell her name like that because that’s what talk to type does LOL and I’m sick of changing it) is a favorite to go back in the house. The lesser of two evils and the more potential drama / entertainment would clearly be Kelsey! What did lovita bring?? ( oh sure Talk to Type decides to actually somewhat spell it right this time go figure LOL)
        I don’t want it to be the houseguests choice because two reasons. First reason is they will probably choose Lavita? And second because then it won’t be a surprise! And that would just be lame

      • Yep I agree….but are they better with the devil they know “Kelsey” or the devil they don’t, “Lovita!” Cuz she only sat in HOH room or hung off Joel… Hiding behind him & Dallas!
        Oh…. Geeeeezzzzz! I guess we find out tmr night? Unless we only have tonight to vote?

  8. If it’s not viewers choice for Kelsey and laveta and it’s not a competition and it could possibly be the houseguests choice, that would suck! Because I think Lavida would be voted back in. And yes I know I’m spelling her name wrong but talk to type is filling it that way and I’m sick of changing it LOL

    Let’s break it down and see if you agree.
    Cassandra votes Kelsey?!
    Dallas votes Lavita for sure?!
    Jared votes Kelsey?! unless he wants to play his own game and without her he has a better chance. But if you want any chance of ‘banging’ her after the show he’ll vote her in LOL (just keeping it real)
    Joel votes Loveita
    Maddy …. she did backdoor Loveita but she hates Kelsey so there will be interesting to see what her vote is If That’s the Way it Goes. Maybe she votes Kelsey back in and tries to align with her. Kiss and make-up?! Maddie would be stupid to bring back Loveita but Maddie is stupid LOL (sorry family and friends, I’m sure she’s a great person)
    Mitch votes Loveita?!
    Bros -Kelsey?! Cuz Nick has a crush on her… only way they won’t is because they want Jared in an alliance with them. Which brain will they work with on this one? Smarter for them to bring back Lavita
    Ramsey easily votes Loveita
    Raul easily votes Kelsey
    Tim …. not sure on this one.
    Nikki…. ditto! Not sure on this one either. Is she still there? Was she ever in the house? LOL

    So Loveita = 4 I think for sure votes
    Kelsey = 3 I think for sure
    Everyone else for the most part is a toss-up. I do think some are more likely to pick one or the other but it’s not a for….. sure in my opinion. Thoughts? You all know more than I do!! Of course this is speculation, I’m starting another rumor LOL I have no idea how one of these girls is getting back in the house!

    Are there new alliances??? I would assume so but I don’t know who……

  9. Can someone, anyone please enlighten me as to why as a viewer/fan would prefer Loveita back in the house over Kelsey?????
    Regardless of your personal feelings about either of them, would Kelsey not at least hopefully be more entertaining?? I mean yes both girls were pretty boring during their time in the Big Brother house however, I think Kelsey was just trying to lay low and was not playing exactly how she wanted to (or showing her true personality) because she was nominated the first week so that scared her and then she hooked up with Jared so she knew a showmance was a threat.
    But now I think if she gets back in the house she’s going to flip things upside down. She has all the information from Loveita to use and I just think getting back in will give her more confidence, the confidence she was lacking even though she clearly is a very confident person!
    Kelsey is going to be way more entertaining than Loveita. Loveita IMO if she gets back in the house is going to play the exact same game she was playing but she is going to be on her high horse with all her information and demand promises from everyone and not give anything in return! Boring!
    And even though Maddie did back door Loveita, I still think Maddie will be way more shocked, scared and pissed off that Kelsey is back and I want to see that girl squirrel!
    Strictly entertainment purposes only 🙂
    (Sorry, I did mean for this to be short LOL but who am I kidding! A short comment from me is impossible!!!) LOL???????
    LOVE me or hate me I guess!?! I do prefer the LOVE though XO ???????????????

    • Loveita has been more competitive and a good bit more wackadoodle than Kelsey who seems to mostly just hang off Jared’s arm. I don’t expect any excitement or action from Kelsey.

      If I was in the house I’d want Kelsey back, but since I can turn off the Feeds and silence Loveita, that’s who I’d want back as a viewer.

      • LOL… silence Loveita.

        Honestly I only think it appeared like “Loveita” was playing harder was because she had two HOHs therefore she was thrusted into “playing the game” more than she wanted to and her second HOH was Pure Luck and she didn’t make a good game move with that HOH. You know what I mean? I just think if she goes back in the house she will lay low like she did when she wasn’t HOH. I agree Kelsey was not entertaining either and always would Jared and/or Raul but honestly I don’t think she will come back in and play that way again. I think her time away will make her reevaluate how she’s been playing and her true colors will shine through which means a lot of drama. She won’t be afraid to tell me where to go and how to get there, and her flirting with especially Nick could cause some drama. Just strictly entertainment purposes for us 🙂 I just don’t see Loveita changing much but I do see Kelsey completely changing. And who knows what she’s seen Kama maybe she’s going to go back in the house and be pissed off at Jared!? Has Maddie been hanging off of him? And has he allowed it? Has Raul become closer with Maddie? I know Kelsey’s personality, she’s a flirt and that pisses girls off. When I was younger I was a flirt (who am I kidding, I still am LOL) I jave always been nice to every single girl, I am very friendly and approachable and never flirted with people’s boyfriends but I did Rub Some Girls the wrong way. You either love me or hated me and I was okay with that because I wasn’t about to change for anyone. And what I was doing was just being myself, flirty & friendly. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t over-the-top flirty or a cock tease LOL AND I never crossed any lines and again never flirting with someone’s boyfriend or husband.
        So I just know Kelsey could cause some more waves mind you there’s not very many girls left in the house LOL….. I just see a little bit of me in her….. although I was never mean to anyone but then again has Kelce been? I don’t watch the live feeds and I get all my information pretty much from you 🙂 and the comments so I don’t fully know what’s going on when game is not being played. But Kelsey hugging the brothers, cuddling with Dallas, no big deal! But I know how women are and they don’t like men’s attention diverted elsewhere. So instead of getting to know Kelsey, some of them, like Maddie instantly disliked her.
        I just see Kelsey is more entertaining, not even game play Just drama. Make a little bit of sense?
        Sorry Matt, I think I got repetitive there LOL and I don’t think I fully got my point across. And I could be completely wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time 🙂 I just would rather see Kelsey back in the house. But I respect everyone’s opinions. Ramble ramble ramble LOL sorry Matt! Love you XO 🙂

      • Hey Matt, couple questions. Do you know how much time the people that are chosen to go on Big Brother are given from the time they are told to the time they enter the house? They make it appear like it’s immediate but we know that’s not true. Just curious! And also, I accidentally deleted all the Big Brother after Dark episodes 🙁 so I can’t even catch up on who’s aligned with who and what’s going on right now. Could you enlighten me a little bit? No pressure! TIA

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