Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Houseguest Returns In 90-Minute Eviction Show

Get ready for lots of Big Brother Canada tonight with another 90-minute eviction episode featuring the elimination of either Maddy or Dallas along with the return of either “fake evictees” Loveita or Kelsey.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Last night’s show left off with Ramsey using the Veto and Tim naming Maddy as the renom to sit next to Dallas and face the next eviction vote. One of those two will be sent packing by the end of the night.

The vote has been flipping back and forth rapidly between the two options and it’s hard to be sure which way this vote is going to go. Best part of this is how much it’s dividing the house and pitting allies against each other which is exactly the way we like it from out here!

Then for the return of either Loveita or Kelsey we’ve still heard practically nothing on how that decision will be made. Since there has been no voting over the week it’s likely going to be a competition between the two ladies. Considering Loveita’s win record I’d say she goes in to this will a competitive advantage. Which HG do you hope will be the one to return?

Whatever happens we’ll find out soon with tonight’s show starting at 8PM ET/PT, but if you’re really anxious then be sure to check Twitter for the spoilers since these episodes are taped in advance and there are always leaks.