Big Brother Canada 4: Who Will Win?

Later tonight we will find out who won Big Brother Canada 4 when Arisa reveals the Jury votes and crowns the fourth winner of the Canadian installment of Big Brother. So who is it going to be?

Big Brother Canada 4's Final Three Houseguests
Big Brother Canada 4’s Final Three Houseguests – Source: Global

Only three options remain out of the season with Tim, Kelsey, and the Paq brothers Phil and Nick vying to come out on top and secure a nice set of prizes for their efforts including $100,000 and plenty of bragging rights.

There are going to be nine votes from the Jury so it’ll take at least five to put either of the F2 over the edge for the win. That count includes one vote from the viewers, but as I’ve discussed there’s a pretty big flaw in the voting method unless Tim ends up in the F2.

If Tim is in the F2 then he’ll most likely get the viewers’ vote as he’s currently crushing the brothers and Kelsey in our polling. He also beats both competitors in head to head polling so there’s little doubt to me that he’d win the popular vote out here, but what about the Jury? He’d still need another four votes.

Tim could pick up Cassandra, Joel, and probably Nikki if she isn’t still too mad at him over her eviction. That would mean he needs just one more. Hmm. Mitch seems pretty level headed right? I think he’d vote for game play and that would probably go for Tim which could secure the win.

Since Tim seems to be the odd man out in this final three I think the more likely outcome is a F2 of the brothers versus Kelsey. Each of those two would probably take the other over Tim to the end and really that’s probably smart for them. So which of them would win at the end?

According to our polling the brothers would get the viewers’ vote by default if Tim isn’t there to collect his vote prize. The head to head polling between Kelsey and the brothers is within a few votes out of thousands. That’s incredibly close. But when you look at the three-way polling you’ll find Kelsey with 50% of the votes the brothers have. If these two are the F2 then production’s poor planning on doing the voting right could cost Kelsey that one Jury vote and, if it’s 4-5, the whole game.

Kelsey would pull Raul and Jared’s votes for sure and I’d expect Cassandra’s vote to go her way over the brothers as well. Nikki did end up evicted at the brothers’ hands but would she really vote for Kelsey over them? Hmm. Joel and Tim would be uncertain for me to guess, but I don’t think Kelsey could get Maddy’s or Mitch’s vote. She wouldn’t need the last two though if she got Raul, Jared, Cassandra, Joel, and Tim but like I said those last two are fuzzy for me.

I don’t care for Phil’s style of gameplay in the least, but I’d have a hard time arguing that Kelsey played a better game than the brothers. If the Jurors feel the same way then the brothers probably will win the season as the most likely winners in the most likely scenario. Nick has played a strong competitive and social game, but geez his brother is so unlikable to me that it drags the pair down in my view.

Kelsey vs Paqs would be an interesting F2 since Kelsey is there only thanks to a major production twist of getting to play the game twice. Meanwhile the brothers were able to share the burden of competitions and always provide a safe and trusting partner to talk strategy and plan their game. Both had a massive advantage in the game. Of course Tim having played the game before would be a big leg up from the start, though he only had one life in the game and had to find his own partner to trust without a blood relation or showmance. What an interesting end to the twist heavy BBCAN series.

What do you think is going to happen? Vote below for who you think will win, not who you want to win. We’ve got a separate set of polls for that here. Not long before we get the official results!

Join us back here at 7PM ET for our live coverage of the Big Brother Canada 4 season finale. Thanks for joining us this year for another fun round of BBCAN!