Big Brother Canada Results: Who Won Big Brother Canada 4?

We’re set to find out who won Big Brother Canada 4 as the season finale arrives with the last three Houseguests ready to face off in three more competitions before going to the Jury for their votes.

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Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

There’s a lot to get to tonight in the two-hour season finale that will culminate with either Kelsey, Paq brothers, or Tim being crowned the winner of BBCAN4. Let’s settle in and see how these final comps play out. And please, no spoilers in the comments section.

Viewer votes have closed after having their chance support one of the Final 3, but there are eight more votes up for grabs from the other Jurors. I’m very interested to see how a few of these go and that could depend a lot on the F2.

Final HoH – Round 1:
Everyone is facing off in this race of competition with the winner moving on to Round 3. It’s not really an endurance comp.

HGs have to assemble a puzzle and then race up and down an “icy mountain” to fill a tube with water. With enough water a flare will float up and first to fire it will win the round.

Kelsey is struggling and can’t even complete her puzzle. This makes Tim suspect she is throwing it and has a deal with the brothers to go to the end.

Phil gets his puzzle finished first and there’s no chance for anyone to catch up. It’s not designed for any “come from behind.” Phil wins the round.

Final HoH – Round 2:
The two HGs who were knocked out of the first comp will face off here for the second seat in the last round.

It’s Tim and Kelsey doing individual performances where they have to order huge cubes with HGs and events on them.

Kelsey can’t figure out the last round and takes 50 minutes, but Tim quits after he can’t figure out the last round despite being 40+ mins ahead of her. Yep, Tim quit the comp.

Kelsey wins the round. One more to go.