Big Brother Canada 4: Viewers’ Jury Vote [Poll]

Voting is now open for viewers to pick who they want to win Big Brother Canada 4, or at least who gets their vote in the Jury now that Ramsey had to step out of the game. So who will it be? Vote NOW in our poll to share your pick!

Big Brother Canada 4's Final Three Houseguests
Big Brother Canada 4’s Final Three Houseguests – Source: Global

Global has opened the official voting here at their site, but we want more insight than their black boxed result on Thursday night. Plus, I think they’ve got a big hole in their voting method here and I want to see just how bad it is.

Viewers are picking from one of three HGs to get their vote, but only two will stand before the Jury. Since BBCAN is yet again taping its show in advance (fourth year and they still can’t manage it live?) they won’t be able to do a live vote once F2 is revealed. So all three are in one combined poll, wait, what?

Here’s the rub. Viewers might want HG “X” to win, but if he or she is voted out at F3 then they may decide then that if HG “X” can’t win anymore then they definitely don’t want HG “Y” to win so they’d instead change their vote to HG “Z” as a counter vote. Too late! You can’t switch your vote and now HG “Y” gets the next most votes when if it had be “Y” vs “Z” then HG “Z” would have won in two-way race.

Why does it have to feel like amateur hour? This isn’t to award one HG a Marsha Moose task, it’s to decide who could win $100K after months of effort. Do it right.

This really wouldn’t be complicated to do right. They needed to do three separate polls. Did they? Nope, they combined Tim, Kelsey, and the brothers in one poll. So now I want to see how your votes turn out here. Is there a difference for the combo poll versus how the actual F2 works out? Let’s find out. Vote now in our polls below and we’ll see what happens.

Official voting ends at 3PM ET so they can tape it hours in advance so the results can be spoiled on Twitter well before the “live/not-live” show airs. That’s your reminder to avoid Twitter Thursday afternoon/evening if you don’t want to have the results spoiled.