Big Brother Canada 4: Who Is Going To Win?

Who is going to win Big Brother Canada 4? We’ve got four Houseguests left in the running as we head in to Wednesday and Thursday’s last two episodes of the BBCAN season and one of them is about to hit a payday.

Big Brother Canada 4 winner among Final Four
Big Brother Canada 4 winner among Final Four – Source: Global

When the Feeds went dark we still had Cassandra, Kelsey, Phil/Nick, and Tim in the house and the noms were jockeying for a spot in the F3. We’ve already looked at who was most likely to survive the F4 eviction, but until we know for sure it could be any of them to win it all.

I’m expecting Cassandra has been sent off to join the Jury and sit alongside Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki, and Joel with one more to follow this week at the finale.

If I’m wrong and Cassandra gets to the F2 then she’d have an interesting story to tell about working with Tim and playing a strong social game to stay connected around the house. Cassandra robbed the hangman on several occasions and that flip last week was phenomenal, but will the Jury recognize her work? She’s the top pick of our readers for the win but we only get one vote and she’ll need four more to win.

Tim better be planning to win his way to the end because I don’t see either Kelsey or the brothers taking him on to the finish line. The brothers think they could beat any and all so Kelsey isn’t likely a worry for them and Kelsey seems to be sticking tight to the plan too. Of course if someone is going to talk them in to flipping that idea then it’d be Tim.

Even if Tim does get to the end I’m not convinced he could pull off the votes to make it happen. According to our polling Cassandra was the top pick for our readers to win but Tim was right behind her. If that trend holds to the Jury vote for viewers then Tim would at least start with one vote in his pocket, but could he get another four? I’m curious if Nikki would have forgiven Tim enough to vote for him over the brothers or Kelsey now that her pick of Joel is out.

Kelsey has played a smart game but is obviously owing a lot to production’s twist to bring someone back after she played, was voted out, and effectively lost. Will the Jury hold that against her? Season one sure didn’t let it stop Gary who would have won after returning had it not been for the Topaz effect.


  1. If Tim wins the last HOH, he wins the game. He has Cass and Joel because of their alliance, Nikki because she hates Kelsey and the Bros, and Maddy because he was her mentor. I do think Canada will also pick Tim, unless they get all patriotic on us. I do not see either Kelsey or the Bros taking Tim, so if he wants the win he needs the last HOH.

      • Oh really? Is it because you like the others? Or is it his personality? Or just the fact that he’s not from Canada?

          • I have said more than once, that is NOT THE ISSUE. If they decide BBC is now BB International I don’t like that but I can live with that but why did they invite someone who has already won, give someone who hasn’t won, a second chance. Grow up James, I am so sick of hearing how I don’t like foreigners, I have friends and relatives all over the world. PLEASE drop that childish, idiotic point you seem to be stuck on and grow up.

          • It would have been sufficient enough that you don’t like a player for his personality or having played (and in some cases, won) before for that is fairly understandable, but disliking a Big Brother housemate for his nationality doesn’t seem like a legitimate reason to justify.

          • I agree with you james and if ppl don’t see it i sense a bit of discrimination lol

          • Are you suggesting I discriminate? How dare you! I don’t discriminate against any one. Absolutely, totally not the case. For the last time, I don’t like that Tim has ALREADY WON BB They should have invited someone who has NOT won already and I don’t care where that person is from, could be from Mars for all I care.

          • I don’t care what you do, I wasn’t talking to you or have you in my mind I don’t care, as you can see the reply was to James.

          • It’s a public forum, everyone can comment on anybody else’s comments. If I was wrong I apologize but it sure seemed like your comment was directed at me and I do NOT discriminate whatsoever!

          • Guys I think you are over reacting. It’s obviously not discrimination. She’s just not a fan of Tim. Did you see me get upset when she said she wasn’t voting for my boy? No. Do you think Tim would consider it discrimination? No. So let’s all just take a deep breath, enjoy the finale on Thursday and may the best man win. Cough Tim Cough

  2. I am so sad that the brothers are in such a good spot. I hope to god Tim or Cassandra win veto to at least get Kelsey out. I was really hoping the undeserving brothers went at final 4. They shouldn’t even be there in my opinion, I think when they nominated themselves it should have been allowed.

  3. I am starting to think that Kelsey could win if she makes it to F2 … Assuming that she continues to have Jared’s and Raul’s vote, she may also have either Tim’s or Brothers and/or Cassandra depending who she is sitting with and/or who is in the Jury House ?? In particular, may just not vote for the person who wins the final HOH and not bringing themselves to F2 ??

    And, I doubt that Joel would give it to the Brothers if they are sitting against Kelsey …
    And, remember what Mitch said as he left the House .. That he will vote for either Jared / Kesley if one of them makes it to F4 ??

  4. Wow. Is everybody here off their rockers? He’s not friggin Canadian! Done. Simple. If he won BBCan it would be ridiculous and truly embarrassing. Geesh. No wonder ppl make fun of us Canadians lol. Tim’s a sweet guy, and he’s my favourite player by far, but he’s not a Canadian citizen and this is Big Brother Canada. If it was Big Brother I would be hoping the dude wins, he deserves it, but the whole idea of this show (as per the producers!!) was to show that, hey, we have some awesome Canadians here. If that wasn’t the purpose of the show, I wouldn’t care so much. And before anyone gets all mad, 70% of my family lives in Europe, and if they were playing BBCan I still wouldn’t want them to win. Why? Because it’s friggn Big Brother Canada lol.

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