Big Brother Canada 4: Final 3 Scenarios

Over the weekend the Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguests said goodbye to one of their last four HGs and made way for the Final Three. So who made the cut?

Big Brother Canada 4 - Final Three Scenarios
Big Brother Canada 4 – Final Three Scenarios – Source: Global

We’ve yet to see any spoilers or leaks and probably won’t know for sure until Wednesday’s episode so the rest of this is speculative discussion to get us ready for the season finale.

As the Feeds shut down we last saw BBCAN host Arisa Cox surprising the HGs with an unexpected appearance on the main room’s screen. She was likely coming on to tell them about the surprise eviction where either Cassandra or Tim would be voted out.

At last check the brothers held the Veto (thanks again to Nick’s victory) which meant we shouldn’t expect the noms to change and Kelsey to be in any danger. Instead I fully expect her to be casting the sole vote this round.

The deal for Kelsey and company was to get rid of Cassandra per her Final Three Treaty alliance with the brothers and Tim. As much as I think she’ll be tempted to go with the “girl power!” option I don’t think she’s willing to rock the boat. If the brothers stay on their winning streak then she would end up relying on them to take her on to the final two showdown before the Jury. No good reason to piss them off just to keep Cassandra who is more likely to lose those F3 comps anyway.

That makes this F3 lineup prediction easy for me to go with Tim, Kelsey, and the brothers. From there the F3 comps will kick off with an endurance competition and the rest of the final HoH competitions.

Tim better get ready to win his way out or I think he’ll be sunk and fall short of the F2. If I had to guess right now we’re probably looking at a Kelsey & brothers F2. Yikes. Who would you want to win?


  1. Assuming that Cassandra has been evicted over the weekend, would it be a first for, if:
    1. Tim wins BBCan4 – first Foreigner to win a National BB Contest ?
    2. The Big Brother Twist of having the Brothers Win BB Contest ?
    3. That Kelsey, an evicted player returns to win BB Contest?
    4. That all the F2/F3 HGs are all part of some sort of BB Production twist ?

  2. God how much I hope that Cassandra is still in it. I just don’t want the brothers or Kelsey to win…

  3. So, just curious to hear everyone’s opinion on how the twists played out for each of the remaining HG’s? Was it a benefit and/or a handicap?

    1. Tim – International Wildcard and previous BB Australia Winner?
    2. Brothers Twist – playing as a single player, though, each competing every other week, but still able to strategize together?
    3. Kelsey returning from eviction?
    4. Cassandra – Playing the “Villain / Goat” card hoping to be carried to the F2/F3 ??

    • Cassandra wasn’t part of any twists though..^^ I still hope she wins.. if she does not, I hope she gets to return in another season.

      Tim’s twist didn’t really affect the game in his favour. If anything, he was a target bc of it and I’m quite impressed by his game.

      The brothers.. I think they profited from the twist. If they had been able to play as two individual players, they would have been a huge target. Given that they function as only one player and have only one vote, they weren’T as big of a threat. However, two people can interact with more people and cover more ground, so that should have been a plus for them if it wasn’T for the fact that they’re not great players….

      Kelsey returning.. I’m not a fan. I expected more from Kelsey and I wish Loveita had returned instead.

      • Yeah, meant to say Cassandra wasn’t really part of a Twist, but did get an advantage with her Father winning HOH for her ??
        Tim sorta kinda had Nikki for the most part … more of a person / support team than of a real comp threat value ?? Ha !! I think he played strong game until the last couple weeks, when his true colours / dark side came out ??
        Almost felt like the brothers were able to compete every other week, so, were not as mentally/physically drained, as compared to the other HG’s … And, for the memory challenges, they could feed off one another, though Kelsey has helped them out a lot, since Jared left, imo …
        And, yes, Kelsey may have played a better/smarter game, had it not been for Jared, and visa versa .. but, now, she has been able to get a bit of protection from the Brothers the past couple of weeks, by flirting with them ??

    • Tim- Not really. In fact it kinda made him more of a target. But he’s able to play as a literal wild card- pretending not to know what’s going on. In fact I say Tim is up there with the legends as far as gameplay

      Cassandra- I wouldn’t say that she was carried. She did a lot of scheming on her part so that kinda helped her in the long run.

      Paq Bros- Kinda. The only advantage is that they strategize with each other. Other than that they’re pretty much one person at this point.

      Kelsey- I think it depends on how returning players go.

      If they earned their place back via competition (Judd, Nicole, Johnny Mac, and Sindy) then I can see how it works. Plus Judd and Johnny not only earned their way back, they was able to claw through the top 5.

      On the other hand there are the people who returned via public vote, which its not really much of an accomplishment (Gary, Kaysar, Amy) If they were just spared just for being fan favorites then that gives them an unfair advantage knowing that they are liked by their said country.

      • I wouldn’t compare Tim to BB legends. His game wasn’t flawless. He was close to getting evicted multiple times because he put himself in those situations and just got lucky to survive.

    • I really want Cass to win and if she does she can go and play on BB Australia and win all their money. Tit for tat

  4. Well after seeing the results of your “Poll”, it doesn’t look like Canada will vote for Kelsey (if she is in the final two) so that’s 1 vote against her but she has 2 guaranteed votes with Jared and Raul!!

    • From last week’s Jury House interviews, I thought that Raul kinda implied that he wanted to see Kelsey coming to the Jury House next? So, not sure if he will actually vote for Kelsey, should she make the Final 2?

      As for Jared, wonder how he will think/feel when he finds out, if not already, that it was the Brothers who voted to keep him, and not Kelsey when he was evicted ??

      If anything, one would think that The Brothers would have a better shot at winning the Final HOH Comp against Kelsey/Cassandra for best 2/3 vs Tim ?

  5. We always have assumptions on who a particular Jury will vote for based on what they said or feel during that time.(Pre-Jury), but as they get information from players that got booted out, perception change. Not to mention their deliberation/debate on who deserves to win. Historically, they give it to the one that played the best.

      • At this point, Yeah I’ll go with Kelsey if she’s sitting beside the brothers…reluctantly.

    • I have to admit that, if Cass is still in the game, I’d probably vote for her, as she played the game hard … considering as she said in week 1 and 2 and 3, that she tended to let her yap do the talking, could’ve been evicted, if not for her early alliances .. She was loyal to Joel, and somewhat to Tim, as well, and was the bridge to the Kelsey/Jared Alliance …. She owned up to her play in DR and played the role of this season’s “goat” hoping to be brought to the F2/F3 despite not proving to be very strong in comps? Having said that, if I recall, she is/was a “lawyer” ?? and, if that is the case, she should’ve been strong in the Q&A’s and memory comps … As for the physical side of things .. no comment … Ha !!!

      The Brothers, assumption is that they left the noms “as is” after POV, so Kelsey, by virtue would have cast the deciding vote for Cass (or Tim) ?? Strategically, voting out Tim may have been better, as he would be a bigger comp threat than Cass, imo … but, with Cass on Jury, should she be left standing with the Brothers, I think that Cass would give Kelsey her vote ??
      An epic F2 between Tim and Brothers would be ideal, from a Jury Q&A perspective ??
      Tim played a social game, and to a degree loyal when it counted to Nikki, Joel and Cassandra, but in the past few weeks, showed his true colours, and did not really have the back of any of them, imo .. and, actually did not really play a strong game? Even when he won HOH, he wussed out by making the HGs vote each other to be on the block with his Koala game? I got a bit turned off of him last week or so on how he treated Joel/Cassandra as a result of the POV comp … Cass saved his BB life the week prior and when it mattered most, he turned his back on his alliance ?? Even Nikki felt betrayed when he did not giver her, his pity vote to save her ??
      The Brothers have played a strong game, winning comps and having a somewhat social game .. perhaps, a bit of A$$holes when push came to shove, but well deserving of F2/F3 .. And, should they win out to F2 .. have a strong case …
      Kelsey, hard to say .. played a good social game, well at least got her into an alliance with Jared/Raul for the first half of the season then rode on the tails of the Brothers for the final few weeks once Jared was evicted …played the hand she was dealt, won comps when it mattered … If anything, she probably would have played a better/smarter game had she not hooked up with Jared, imo …
      She helped Jared with memory / training for comps when he was there and has helped the Brothers a lot, the past couple of weeks, as well to remember all the events, dates, etc for the mental comps …

  6. Any idea who Tim would take to F2? He didn’t want to be with Cass; so assuming she left that leaves him without anymore allies . Kelsey has more votes than the brothers; even Cass may vote for her if she wants a girl to win.

    • The 3rd wheel out @F2 is almost always an emotional Jury vote, against the person who did not take them to F2 …
      Based on play, I suspect that Tim would take Kelsey over the Brothers, as he tends to have more of a grudge towards them than with Kelsey ??
      Though, Tim appears likes the flare of the dramatic and a showdown with the Brothers, in particular with the Patriotic Card would be fun for the viewers, imo … 🙂

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