Big Brother Canada 4: Tim Convinces Kelsey & Brothers To Form ‘Treaty’ Alliance

Yesterday in the Big Brother Canada 4 house the tide seemed to be turning with Cassandra finding footing to pursue another week of survival. Today it looks to be a foregone conclusion while Tim takes things even a step further.

Kelsey & Phil decide to join the cult of Tim
Kelsey & Phil decide to join the cult of Tim – Source: Global

This morning Tim met up with Kelsey and the brothers to discuss what an amazing idea they had to keep his close ally Cassandra over Joel. Not only that but the group decided they’d form a “Final Three Treaty” alliance with the promise to vote out whoever stays this week. Yeah.

Of course Tim smiled and nodded to the idea of this three way deal to keep one another safe, but come on. Given the chance Tim will vote out either Kelsey or the brothers at the next chance he has. There’s no way I’d expect him to keep the brothers over Cassandra going in to the F3 but the situation sounds really good for Tim. If it holds up.

Kelsey can’t win HoH, so she’ll either be a nom or the voting HG. If she’s voting and Tim is up against Cassandra I’d almost expect her to keep Cass over Tim. Now this “Treaty” alliance has promised Cass would go next, but those goalposts seem to keep moving especially for Kelsey.

Should the brothers be voting, then yes, I do think they’d keep Tim over Cassandra. They really don’t like Cass and are unlikely to pass up the chance of eliminating her even if that means they have to bring along “the international” for another round. But here’s the rub. If the brothers are voting then Tim and Cassandra won’t be on the Block against each other as one of those must have become the new HoH. So this scenario doesn’t matter and won’t happen.

When we get this close to the end there are barely enough Houseguests left to fill all the roles of HoH, nominees, and voters. It’ll be an interesting final week of Big Brother Canada with lots of possibilities and uncertainty.

What do you think of this “Final Three Treaty” alliance? How do you think things will work out and who do you want to see voted out next?