Big Brother Canada 4: Target Shifts As Joel Takes Heat

Well that was interesting. This afternoon things took a turn in the Big Brother Canada house after Kelsey started a conversation with Phil that soon lead to a house meeting with a surprising outcome.

Kelsey making new plans for this week's eviction
Kelsey making new plans for this week’s eviction – Source: Global

Just when Cassandra looked dead in the water something may have convinced Kelsey otherwise as we close in on the next eviction and a likely tie-breaker.

Kelsey raised a concern with Phil that Joel might be the more dangerous player this week over Cassandra. Phil dropped his head to the counter. He didn’t like what he was hearing.

Soon Kelsey was outside talking with Cassandra and it was obvious that Kelsey was very interested in this idea of sending Joel out instead of Cassandra. She excitedly started rattling off her campaign speech to Kelsey. Really the point Cass should have been making privately to Kelsey was that in a F3 situation, Joel would take the brothers while she would take Kelsey. True or not, it’s a good argument at this point.

Soon Phil was out there then Tim joined and even Joel and Nick got in on it eventually. Joel took a long time to get there as his ship was being set afire while he dawdled inside the house.

Cassandra argued that she and Tim were no longer working together and that if she stayed then she’d be willing to vote Tim out next round instead of either Kelsey or the brothers. Of course that sounds ridiculous to us, but her argument was that she’d only be there in the house because of them so she’d owe them. Phil reminded Cassandra she laughed in his face after the last promise she made him (about not using the Veto on Tim). Oops. Yeah, Phil doesn’t trust her a bit.

Since these earlier talks we’ve heard Kelsey and Phil privately discuss the situation. Phil wants to get the same promise from Joel that he’ll vote out Tim. Kelsey agreed to have the talk with Joel and go from there.

Right now the decision is going to come down to Kelsey unless the brothers agree in the next few days to vote out Joel. She’s demonstrated repeatedly today that she wants Cass, not Joel, to stay this week. If she continues to feel the pressure from the brothers to keep Joel then that should tell her enough to do the opposite.

If Cass pulls off a victory here then I’ll be impressed. She’s worked hard while Joel has been busily holding pity parties, though it’s though to tell what’s sincere from him. Should be an interesting few days!


  1. Why would anyone trust Cass when breaks her promises as soon as she makes them? Her and Tim will work together until the end, especially with Joel gone

    • I wouldn’t trust Cass. You’re right, Tim and Cass are solid. We see that, and I think the brothers does too. It’s up to Kelsey. That’s why the best schemer of this game succeeds.

    • You guys realize that these two both mentioned that they will work together as much as they can but both of them don’t want to bring each other to the end. Although they want to get each other out. They low-key want the other house guests to to take them out.

        • It wouldn’t be in his best interest to take her out right now and he trusts her more to get to the end than Joel. They can still use each other till the end but not bring each other to the final two at all. Like keeping a bigger target -Cass- so he can eliminate her for sure at final four.

          • I think both of them are playing a good game….and Kelsey, finally.

  2. Cass may not be a solid for Kelsey but Joel isn’t for sure. Cass has a much better relationship with Kelsey than Joel has.I think Joel would lean towards the brothers and Cassandra is a bit of a wild card….she might just pick Kelsey over Tim, you never know.

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