Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 10

Only two votes are up for grabs this week on Big Brother Canada as we’re down to the last five Houseguests and a little over a week to go in the house.

Kelsey plots her next move with Phil
Kelsey plots her next move with Phil – Source: Global

After letting this HoH slip through their fingers the Threekshow alliance will have to sit back and watch as the final decision will be out of their hands at the next eviction.

Final noms for the week are Joel and Cassandra after Tim won the Veto, saved himself, and Joel was renom’d. Now one of those two will go and from the looks of it that choice is probably going to end up in Kelsey’s hands.

Joel has been acting odd and overly sad about his situation. Tough to tell just how much of that is acting versus real emotions. Either way Cassandra is trying to get Joel to campaign on her behalf since he’s saying he’s done with the game. Ehh, I’m kinda thinking this is him trying to get Phil and Kelsey to want to keep him in the hopes that he’s a broken man.

Dramatics aside, I’m expecting Tim to vote to keep Cassandra while Phil/Nick vote to evict her. Then Kelsey will deliver the deathblow to send her off to Jury. They already passed up the chance to split up Tass once with Phil’s DE mistake. I don’t think they’ll make that error again.

Update: Crazy afternoon on the Feeds as Kelsey is actually campaigning in favor of keeping Cass over Joel as she tries to convince Phil that this is the right move. Wow!

What do you think will happen with the next vote? Might Tim move against Cassandra to keep the tiebreaker from Kelsey? He did vote against Cassandra once already this season, didn’t he? Hmm.