Big Brother Canada 4: Jury House Starts To Fill Up

The Big Brother Canada 4 season is winding down as we have just five Houseguests left and a little over a week to go in the BBCAN season. Get ready, Jury House, you’ve got a job to do!

Big Brother Canada 4 Jury House
Big Brother Canada 4 Jury House – Source: @BigBrotherCA

Jared and Nikki were the victims of last week’s Double Eviction and they’ve reached their new home with recent evictees Maddy, Raul, and Mitch. Just a few more to add to their mix.

Right now we’re watching Cassandra and Joel on the Block as they prepare to battle it out for just two votes and a tie-breaker. Cassandra is the most likely evictee but you never know what sort of magic Tim could work if he decided to make a push there.

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While we’re watching the Jury start to fill up there’s a notable absence with Ramsey and the seat he vacated. Even with three more Houseguests heading to the Jury we’ll end up with only eight members and a potential tie. So how will BBCAN resolve that issue? Great question and it’d be nice if they’d answer it.

If the brothers end up in Jury then they could be split for two separate votes, but considering they’ve worked as one all season then it seems rather unfair to suddenly give their ally a leg up in the final vote. That’d be Kelsey, if she makes it that far, or whoever they pick to support if Kelsey is gone.

The easiest thing would probably to just let Canada vote again and we know how BBCAN loves to have outside influence on the game so that’d be my guess. It’d be nice to keep the game as a black box and not let all-knowing/seeing forces like us get a say in who best worked the house from inside. Ah well.

Overall this looks like a well divided Jury. With Cassandra (or even Joel) joining this week things will likely split on where we could expect the final votes to go. It’ll be interesting to see if the brothers realize they’ll have some trouble if they go to the end with Kelsey thanks to her guaranteed starting point of two votes from Jared and Raul. Of course Phil probably thinks Jared would vote for them over Kelsey. That should be fun to watch.

How do you see this Jury voting at the finale? Anyone left in the house have a better chance or could some of these minds still be up for grabs? Share your thoughts below!

Image source: @BigBrotherCA