Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto ceremony results are in on the Live Feeds for this week’s Big Brother Canada 4 events and we have the results giving us this week’s final noms for Thursday’s eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

This ceremony arrived a day early when the Houseguests discovered a Sunday warning to get ready for the typical Monday event. That moved up a lot of debating that had been going on and probably cut some decisions short.

As expected, Tim used the Veto on himself. Cassandra had tried to sway Tim to save her and take the supposedly better odds of him surviving against Joel than she would face. Nah, says Tim.

Joel is now on the Block next to Cassandra. One of those two will head to Jury next. That might happen on Thursday or it might arrive a little earlier like this event did as I still haven’t heard why this was moved up.

What do you think of Tim’s decision and Kelsey’s renom? Was there really any other option for either of them this week on BBCAN4?

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  1. Yes!! Tim is easily the most deserving player and the blantant xenophobia against the international guests spewing out of the brothers mouths, amongst others, is disgusting and unbecoming (not to mention un-canadian) Too bad it looks like Cass will go though! She has also played well, annoying personality aside. Just no dummy “integrity” brothers and no entitled kelsey to win please <3

    • ??????????????????????????????????????????????
      I repeat….. Just maybe the bros are being overly patriotic wanting a Canadian to win…..
      it could also be their strategy. Many of the other players agree that the winnings should stay in Canada.

      Cass is acting like an over privledged princess with a dose of entitlement. She’s asking Tim to use the veto on her??? Why? Cuz she deserves it? Like she’s the only one playing?? Is she tripping?

      And why some of you think Jared & Kelsey feel they are entitled have no evidence to prove that. You’re making assumptions based on what? Their popularity? The fact that they’re both smart? Or physical? Dare I say their looks? Neither of them had ever said that they were entitled. Most of the HOUSEGUESTS even said that Jared was an all around nice guy. And honest…So before you start pointing fingers please get some evidence to back it up.


        • You certainly are able to form your own opinion. I just think ppl are over reacting to the bros comments.
          It’s no better for Tim to call the boys idiots.
          It’s a game ppl…..a game.

      • They may be patriotic but what they’re doing seems to be quite unbecoming of what being a Canadian stands for, based from what I’ve been reading on BBCAN’s Facebook page.

        • Dude….they are competitors in a CANADIAN game and perhaps looking to stir up some support surrounding that. It isn’t like they are immigrants or refugees…they are COMPETITORS in a game. Why do people expect to hug them to be all accommodating and spot them some tea or prawns?!

          How is it any different than guys wanting the girls out or the girls wanting the guys out?!

          • I don’t see why all of a sudden the brothers wanna use argument of wanting a Canadian to win against foreign players because of what they are not at this pivotal point in the game where everything has gone to the wire.

            Take Tim out for being a good player of the North American game but not because of what his nationality is. Being a former winner would have been a much stronger argument despite the fact that Dan in BB14 has largely overcome that by having reached the final 2 for a second time.

            One thing for sure with the guys vs girls thing, no player have never hold another’s sex against them in anyway in the game of Big Brother, as far as I know at least. Never have I encountered a BB housemate saying things along the lines of “I won’t vote for you because you’re a girl” and “I’m evicting you because you’re a guy and I don’t like it”.

          • I agree with you on how to treat Tim. But I heard many time in BBUS, girl saying “I want a girl to win” or guys saying “I want a guy to win”. Basically it’s the same thing. The brothers heart is in the right place. I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

          • They’re making it a big deal than it should be though which is making them look bad on screen.

        • Also….quick question since we are talking about unbecoming of what being a Canadian stands for….what are your thoughts on if it was Americans in the game? Or Americans in general?

          Be honest….

          • It would be expected of Americans to behave like that….. Lololol
            Well….. Maybe not expected but they’d certainly get away with it more than a Canadian.
            Why is that?

          • I’ve seen Americans taking part in overseas versions of Big Brother so it doesn’t come across as particularly surprising for me, and the housemates who welcome these expats have been more than accommodating.

          • Depends if the Cabaduab in question has the resume to back up his win or else we’ll be facing a Lisa-Danielle situation.

      • I agree with you. And I’m from the U.S. I think a Canadian should win. After all it is BB Canada. I think Tim and Cassandra are the ones that act privileged. I’m hoping the brothers and Kelsey are in the finals.

  2. Princess Cass has been talking to Joel on BBAD. He got caught playing both sides & now is sulking. (Yes, I know nice guy etc etc) He wants to go home & not face anyone cuz of the deception. He’s at an all time low…. It’s a game.

    Cass is honing in on that & manipulating Joel to self evict. Her & Tim are hopeful Joel will now be voted out so he can leave & the snake can continue to play her venomous game play! That is not only manipulative its down right cruel!

    How do you like her now?

    • That’s fine, let Joel go home maybe he can try BBC again when he grows up, the big suck. I’m rooting for Kelsey and the brothers.

    • What does he think of this game? Price is Right? I have no sympathy with weak players….get his a** out!

    • That’s AWESOME! I think players should take almost any opportunity to try and save themselves. Most of us BB fans love manipulation!

      The only exception in my opinion would be the Ramsay situation or something similar. I wouldn’t condone using the life/health of a family member to try and advance your position in the game (for example, if someone had tried to convince Ramsay to self-evict for game purposes).

  3. When I was watching bbcan after hours, Cassandra was telling the viewers in the pantry room that she gotta secret veto.
    Is it true. Did anyone see that bbcan after dark?

    • Nope it’s past my bed time. Wonder why she was telling the viewers in the pantry and not the diary room. Well, she IS strange.

  4. Omg. I hope cas and Joel are in finale.
    Cas is playing a great game. So much fun to watch her. She is very natural and herself.

    • I think she is entertaining at times. Seems like she’s up & down depending on what’s happening.
      That may just resemble a spoiled brat that I described there. But I have to say a pretty spoiled brat!

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