Big Brother Canada 4: Who Is Going To Win?

I’m just not sure Kelsey has enough to hang her hat on and make a case to the Jury. She played smart by catching a ride on Jared’s train and when it was time to jump off she did it well knowing to then align with the brothers. I’m just not sure her resume is thick enough to convince them. Kelsey would start with Raul and Jared’s votes, but someone like Maddy won’t be voting for her. Her best angle for the other three votes could be an anti-brothers angle to earn votes against them instead.

Ahh the brothers. Another twist at the end as one reader here noted that all four have one twist or another to thank in part for their game. Phil and Nick were an interesting pair. Phil was constantly telling his brother to shut his mouth, not talk game, and routinely being reminded how bad he was at this. Meanwhile Nick was the one winning the bulk of comps and carrying a better social game. If it weren’t for Nick I think Phil wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Unfortunately you can’t separate the brothers so while I’d be happy for Nick to win I really hope Phil doesn’t. However, out of the remaining four these guys are probably the dominating physical players and have the best chance at reaching the F2. Will the Jury reward their game play despite Phil’s social anchor around their neck? If they’re against Tim then they can rally cry “no foreigners!” as they’ve been doing and it could work. If they’re against Kelsey then they’re already starting at least two in the hole and with their attitude of Cassandra I’d be surprised for her to vote them over Kelsey.

I’m most expecting a Kelsey vs brothers final two and it’ll be great to see how the Jury votes. As for Canada’s vote, in our poll the brothers have a slight edge over Kelsey, but that’s with two other more popular players drawing votes. A face off vote could look very different.

Setting aside who you want to win, who do you think will win Big Brother Canada 4? Share your thoughts below and get ready for the last two episodes of the season this Wednesday and Thursday night on Global!