Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 7

It’s nearly eviction day on Big Brother Canada 4 and there’s been little debate over the vote and that’s a bad sign for one of the noms.

Big Brother Canada's Third Wheel alliance
Big Brother Canada’s Third Wheel alliance – Source: Global

Third Wheel is the target this week and that’s kept the campaigning to a minimum when it’d end up targeting one of their own. So who is coming out on top of the situation?

After the Veto changed up the noms with Jared coming down and Raul going up the odds look stacked against Raul. Interestingly this isn’t the first time he’s been pitted against Kelsey, but unlike last time he appears to be losing this fight.

Houseguests are apparently done with Raul and ready to see him head off to Jury. Raul is currently slated to be the next evicted HG and I don’t see any upcoming movements to change that plan.

I’m sure Mitch will be tickled to see the HoH who ended his game be the next person in to Jury. The vote is still a day away though so we’ll keep watching to see if anything develops to shift that target to Kelsey.

If you were voting this week then who would you vote out? Kelsey or Raul?


  1. They’re thinking of getting rid of Raul? Why wouldn’t they take out the mastermind of the third wheel?
    Makes no sense to me?
    If Kelsey stays I sure hope Jared starts playing his own game.
    How’s Nikki doing on slop? I haven’t seen anything? I did see the BBAD episode where the house had a pizza party & she gorged herself – she’s a very eager eater! That’s putting it mildly!

    • She seems more or less calm after finally coming to terms with her predicament.

      She still managed to get some much needed laughs at the feed the other day when she did a pretty good impression of Raul a.k.a. Rail. :))

      • I can’t say for sure but I think Nikki although very very dramatic is deep down sensible and I think a big part of her play is just an act. I could be totally wrong, I don’t know what she’s really like or what she was like playing big brother UK but I do think she is over dramatizing herself. It’s working nonetheless LOL

    • Two reasons why they would want to get rid of him; Jared & Kelsey are more of a target and Raul is a just a pain in the neck

    • I was wondering about Nikki myself LOL but honestly, and this is just a guess but I think she’s over playing being dramatic. I think she really is smart or at least a little smarter than she is portraying herself. And when she’s acting out, I think that’s exactly what she’s doing……. ‘acting!’
      nonetheless whatever she’s doing is working because she hasn’t even been put up as a pawn because the house is afraid of how she’s going to react. Smart! On her side!

      • Nikki who? She’s barely playing the game. Gives up on everything. Wants Tim to make her good all the time has no one in the house…. Becuz she’s a freak? Maybe? All her freak out antics just annoy me.

        • Honestly, and I could be totally wrong and probably am LOL but I do believe this is part of her strategy. I don’t think she is as dumb as she seems. And her Dramatics I believe are overly inflated! Again, I’m probably wrong but whatever she’s doing is working because people didn’t even want to put her up as a pawn and the only reason she is on slop is because no one had to look her in the face and make her a have not LOL everyone is afraid of her reactions so whatever she’s doing is working regardless LOL

          • I think I might be….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ as of late I have actually seen her sorta play the game, talk game and what not.
            & being on slop I would expect her to be very miserable and dramatic! Somewhat like that Audrey chick! Man that girl was crazy!!!!! LOL Nikki’s just silly and funny! Not crazy… Well not in Audrey crazy way LOL

  2. Ever since Mitch left I really can’t get a ‘winner vibe’ from any other houseguest. I know there is still tons of game left to be played, but no one seems like a decent winner at this point. I guess we will have to wait and see! πŸ™‚

    • I pretty much agree with you however, I do think Tim has really played a good game considering how he has played it. Of course we want to see a Canadian win so no disrespect to him as a person but I don’t want him to win LOL I wouldn’t be crushed but like you, I am finding it hard to pick a winner. Jared won’t go to the end but if he did, I think right now he be my pick!

      • Tim’s has played a good game but he’s acting like a father figure with all the side conversations he has with the HGs. His voice is so annoyingly screechy!
        I want a Canadian to win as well.

        • I do want a Canadian to win as well for sure! But I do like Tim. He is the type of guy people either love or hate! I enjoy his humor and he makes the house a little more fun! In my opinion of course. I do like him personally and he is very intelligent so people are always going to him for advice. That’s not a bad thing for him because he essentially controls that week. He has been The Mastermind behind a lot of nominations and evictions in my opinion. Does he deserve to win? Yes I do think so but I would prefer a Canadian for obvious reasons. Nothing against him though.

  3. Raul is the target pay?! Interesting! It’s hard to say who would be the better person to leave. Who stronger in competitions? Who has a better social game? I think they’re pretty even!? me personally, I would say send Kelsey home only because the HGs have a better chance of up Jared and Raul but the HGs won’t be able to break up Jared and Kelsey. But I really don’t want to see another woman go! LOL
    & A SIDENOTE, as for a Nikki I think a lot of how she acts is exactly that, “acting!” She is over dramatizing everything she does. I don’t think she is as dumb as she makes herself look. And it’s working for her! The house hasn’t even mentioned her name and they won’t use her as a pawn because they are afraid of how she will act! So good game play regardless if she’s doing it on purpose or by accident LOL

  4. I think at this point Tim is my pick to win. He’s the only person to actually have a gameplay other than playing in cliques. He seems to be social and intelligent despite his wacky behavior.

  5. I’m voting for brothers. I think brothers are 2 decent kids.
    At first I didn’t like them. But the more I watch more I like them. They are well behaved and very very sensitive.
    I really like them.

  6. I’ve seen some of the feeds & I don’t see Raul being painful? Am I missing something? Lol

    I like him. Sorry I do like Kelsey & I also want her out cuz she affecting Jared’s game. Does he ever play with his emotions. That spin the bottle freak out was ridiculous! So silly! And kind of creepy like he owns Kelsey. A peck on the lips of a bro cannot be a big deal!! Jeeeezzzze! Get over it! I’d want loose of the grasp if I were Kelsey.

    • U r so right. Jarred is acting very possessive. Specially when they are all stuck in one house and there is no place other than the house guest to have some fun.
      Lighten up jarred.
      I love brothers. The are sucking to their values and not loosing their morals.
      Good for u guys. I’m sure your parents are proud of u.

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