Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 7

It’s nearly eviction day on Big Brother Canada 4 and there’s been little debate over the vote and that’s a bad sign for one of the noms.

Big Brother Canada's Third Wheel alliance
Big Brother Canada’s Third Wheel alliance – Source: Global

Third Wheel is the target this week and that’s kept the campaigning to a minimum when it’d end up targeting one of their own. So who is coming out on top of the situation?

After the Veto changed up the noms with Jared coming down and Raul going up the odds look stacked against Raul. Interestingly this isn’t the first time he’s been pitted against Kelsey, but unlike last time he appears to be losing this fight.

Houseguests are apparently done with Raul and ready to see him head off to Jury. Raul is currently slated to be the next evicted HG and I don’t see any upcoming movements to change that plan.

I’m sure Mitch will be tickled to see the HoH who ended his game be the next person in to Jury. The vote is still a day away though so we’ll keep watching to see if anything develops to shift that target to Kelsey.

If you were voting this week then who would you vote out? Kelsey or Raul?