Big Brother Canada 4 Twist: Viewers Vote On HoH In Week 8 [POLL]

Tonight on Big Brother Canada another twist was announced and once again BBCAN is going to the audience to give away a week’s control to the viewers’ votes instead of letting Houseguests just play the game. Sigh.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

As Arisa described it, viewers will be voting on two Houseguests to face off in a “game of chance” that will decide who will be the next HoH. So who do you want it to be?

Voting is open right now at Global but the voting ends at 8PM ET just in time for the eviction show which means the HGs will be hanging around waiting from when it was taped earlier in the day. That also means we won’t find out by the end of the show since the show isn’t live. It’ll be Feed spoilers again this week for the latest HoH.

So back to the question at hand. Which two HGs do you want to see up for the chance to become the new Head of Household for Week 8 of BBCAN4? Vote now in our poll for your two picks then find out on Thursday who won the power.


  1. So tonight’s episode is going to be boring. More fillers and as usual we wont find out who wins HOH until Sunday. Ughh.. BBCAN loves to piss off their audience.

  2. Although it would be fun to watch Nicki be the HOH this week and see where her head is at Kama I really want the brothers to be HOH. Time to start playing the game boys! Let’s see where their head really is at. If Nikki was HOH who do you think she would put up?
    Unfortunately I don’t think she would think for herself, she would do what Tim tells her to do! Agree??
    Who do you think the brothers would put up?

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