Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto Ceremony spoilers are in for today’s meeting as the Veto holder had to make an easy choice which could put the Head of Household on the spot.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Veto comp results on Saturday revealed a clear path to what would happen next and there were no surprises today when the Feeds returned.

Just as expected, Jared saved himself with the Veto and Maddy renom’d Raul in his place.

The final noms for the week are Kelsey and Raul. The Third Wheel alliance is about to be broken up. Again. Let’s just hope we’re done with returning player twists for the season.

Kelsey says she and Raul have agreed to campaign against each other but only by saying really nice things. Hmm, I’m sure that agreement won’t fall about really fast, right?

So who will be evicted next? Will Jared and Kelsey be split up or is it Raul’s turn to be evicted? What do you hope to see happen on Thursday as the Jury collects its second member.

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    • Because everyone roots for the underdog but really if you look at it, Jared and Kelsey and Raul are The Underdogs and always a Target! Just because they have a strong bond, doesn’t make Tim and Nikki or Tim and Cassandra or Ramsey and Maddie any weaker! I understand where people are coming from wanting one of them at least out of the house but in Chelsea’s defense, she hasn’t had it easy since the first few days of being in the house. She has been fighting for her life most weeks when her side was not in power. She hasn’t had the privilege of sitting back and enjoying just hanging out like him or their brothers or Nikki plus plus so for her, it’s a totally different game. You know what I mean? I can’t say I blame her for just being sick and tired of it and wanting to leave. (Although Raul & Kelsey have agreed to campaign against each other so I guess that means Kelsey hasn’t given up!?!?) It hasn’t been a lot of fun for her. And I don’t really think she brought it on herself?!?! Just because she made strong bonds doesn’t make her a bad person. She was nice to everyone, she was just immediately labeled (by the jealous and insecure girls) as the pretty girl so they all wanted her out again because they’re insecure! It’s been very clear that Maddie has been the rude one to Kelsey. It seems like Kelsey has tried to befriend her. Just saying! I know girls like both of them! Maddy is an insecure, jealous b****

        • You want Ti. To win or whine? Cuz all he does is bulls*it his way thru the game & whine about things. He’s so annoying & undeserving of winning!

          • I could not agree more PLUS he has already won BB Australia, I don’t think he should even be here. I know us Canucks are generous to a fault but this is going above and beyond.

          • Umm, is anyone allowed an opinion on here? I believe he makes the show entertaining. And I know I’m not the only one. I think you are getting confused with the difference between whining, and Australian accents.

          • I’m used to Australian accent as my sister lives in Australia & I’ve been over there for lengthy periods of time over the years. In fact my kids even experienced going to school over there for awhile. So I do know the difference btwn whining & an Australian accent.

            I understand why you might have made that remark but I still think Tim whines….. My opinion & I respect yours as it is only opinions.

            You see & hear what you do…. & I see & hear what I do.

            No one is right / no one is wrong. But again I respectfully disagree.

            Thanks for the discussion.

    • Balls??? I don’t think that took much courage at all! She clearly has never liked Kelsey so that was super easy to do and it’s not like the house was telling her not to do it so it was super easy for her to do. Maybe a big game move but not one that took much thought! Not a shocker at all!

  1. Of course Maddy is gonna be a target. That’s expected, but I have to say it’s a damn good move. Her nominees were perfect, game wise. She was also right about Jared. The guy is highly competitive, and can win comps when he needs to, as he just proved winning the Veto.

    • I agree with you! She finally did something right. But she’s still an idiot and a jealous insecure b**** LOL

    • Sure hope he can. I do think he’s the most well mannered in the house.
      Again…. My opinion at this time! That’s the beauty of being female (yes stereotyping) I can change my mind at a drop of more gossip! Lol

    • He didn’t win the veto on his own… Raul should have won it and played his cards. Then he wouldn’t be on the block fighting for his life. It wasn’t a smart move on his part for his game.

    • I know, I know, I know…..but I like him. Jared is an all around nice guy. Too nice maybe.
      Yes a fine competitor but he has a brain too.
      I kinda want Maddie, then Joel, then Tim, Nikki , The bros, Ramsey,

      now there Cass, Raul & Jared left to fight it out. I’d like to see Cass & Jared at the end.
      She’s so funny switching her game all over the place but it’s working so far…. Why’s that?

      She’s had her hand in the cookie jar too!

      I think it’d be a good ending to this game! And with those 2 I don’t care who wins!

      That’s my opinion as of this hour on this day! Lololololol ahhhhh!

      What a bunch of BB junkies eh? And I love it!! ?????????
      All the highs & lows…… Incredible!

  2. Well good for Maddie! Although I am not a fan of hers, she did the right thing! Although I did not like her arrogance all week but I’m not surprised! She is exactly how I pegged her! Drama queen, jealous and insecure, mean, loves attention from Men, and on and on and on LOL in my opinion!
    I do hope they keep Kelsey because the amount of women left in the house is absolutely pathetic! And I do want to see Kelsey hopefully get Maddie back! And Raul plus Mitch in the jury house should be good. I don’t think there will be much drama, they will kiss and make up quickly.

    • What’s this about the Prom king & queen ?? Seriously? Isn’t school over with & now it’s real life… Ok BB real! Lol
      Quoting Maddie when speaking with Kelsey.
      She also told Jared that Kelsey was a ‘mean girl!’ Wth? Whatever Maddie…. I just see the green monster when I look at Maddie! What a waste!!

      • Exactly! Just the facts she said prom king and queen she’s clearly jealous!
        “Mean girl” is Maddie! Exactly!

      • I totally agree with you. Maddy is the one with the problem. I wouldn’t doubt she had her eye on Jared and when Jared and Kelsey became friends it pissed Maddy off. Maddy is acting like she’s still in high school. The way she treats Ramsey is not nice either. It’s a game and now that she has HOH she thinks she’s so powerful. Well next week she’ll be crying in the corner. POOR BABY (NOT)!!! Don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s the mean girl!!!!

  3. Let’s just be real here for a second….. What Maddy did was not a surprise! It didn’t make her a stronger competitor & she didn’t really make a big game move. Yes one of the three headed monster is going home but, that was a given if one of them did not win HOH. It was no surprise when Maddie won HOH that Kelsey would be put up, it just was a question of if it was against Jared or Raul. If Maddie did not have the backing of the rest of the house, she would have at least put up Kelsey because she has been a jealous insecure b**** towards her since the very beginning, for no reason! Yes her speech about Jared was good however she is not in the same playing field as Jared! She’s been floating through the house and making stupid moves. The one time she had a chance to make a big move she completely screwed over Dallas who she was working with since the very beginning, and she back door one of her alliance members for a stupid reason! Because Loveita “lied to her twice!?” Who hasn’t lied in that house? Has she ever watched big brother? And essentially Dallas went home because of her stupid move the week before! I call that terrible gameplay. It was very clear the second Maddie got HOH Kelsey was going up no matter what! All in my opinion 🙂 I just really don’t like her personality and her smug attitude all week two words pretty much everyone!

    • Maddy lied to people too. She forgets that I guess. These girls are so jealous of each other this year. It’s all like high school, where is the girl power. The guys are just laughing at girls… Ramsey better watch his back b/c Maddy will stab him too.

      • I completely agree! Maddie clearly was not a popular girl in school lol so she’s just reliving it through big brother? Stupid! From the sounds of it Kelsey has tried in the past even before her first eviction to try and be her friend but Maddie is jealous. She wanted Jared from the very beginning but Kelsey got him so she’s just an idiot! I want her gone immediately!

  4. Did anyone see the hot tub conversation with Kelsey & Jared after the spin the bottle game? He was rediculously jealous!! Rediculously!! It was a game & she’s clearly not into Nick! Seriously?! Ughhhh!!

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