Big Brother Canada 4: Veto Plans In Week 7

The Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later this morning for the Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguests and no one should be too surprised with what the PoV holder is about to do today.

Third Wheel alliance reunited on BBCAN4
Third Wheel alliance reunited on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

Maddy went for strong nominations but that comes with the risk of strong players getting an upfront chance at safety with the Veto. So will she be dealing with that fallout?

It sure looks like Maddy will be naming a renom with Jared securing the Veto over the weekend while sitting on the Block. I do not expect him to use the Veto on Kelsey while she sits there next to him. Instead he’ll wisely use it on himself and Maddy will have to name a renom.

I was worried she might do something strange and make an opening for Third Wheel to survive another week by turning on a pawn renom, but Maddy seems to know better. She’s got one option really and that’s Raul.

When Jared comes off the Block then Raul will go up next to Kelsey for Thursday’s eviction vote. Should be an interesting few days. Will they want to let Jared and Kelsey stay together or can they deal with Raul for another week?

We’ll have the Veto Ceremony spoilers later, but for now that’s what we can expect to see happen.