Big Brother Canada 4: Tim & Cass Have Paq Brothers & Kelsey Fooled

We’ve got another vote coming up tonight on Big Brother Canada and the brothers are feeling pretty darn good about their great new plan to vote to keep Tim’s closest ally. This should be good.

Cassandra & Tim working to trick their opponents
Cassandra & Tim working to trick their opponents – Source: Global

As part of their deal with Cassandra both Kelsey and the brothers have made a few demands. Naturally, Cass has agreed to anything and everything they’ve asked for because of course she would!

So far Cassandra and Tim have promised the brothers and Kelsey that they are no longer working together. After Tim’s Power of Veto actions they’re having an easy time believing that. Both Tim and Cass have stated they will vote the other out next week as Tim joined the “Final Three Treaty” alliance and Cass made that as part of her own deal to stay.

Not only did Cass promise to vote against her ally next round, but she’s also promised to throw this Head of Household competition. The brothers want her to do this to prove her word is good… Seriously guys? So when she doesn’t and you know for sure she was lying to you then you’ll be able to do what? Say “ah hah!” from Jury? Good plan!

As soon as it looked like a lock for Cassandra to stay over Joel this week we saw her and Tim starting to plot their moves against Kelsey and the brothers. They laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Tim is encouraging Cass not to throw the HoH comp and she’s suggesting she’ll give it a go to win, but if she can’t then she may try to dramatically throw it.

Tonight’s HoH comp will be her and Tim against the brothers, but aside from an HoH win guaranteeing one of them gets to F3 the real power will be with the Veto this next round. Whoever gets that will either be the sole vote or, if the HoH wins it, will decide who does the voting.

I’ve gotta shake my head at the brothers. While Kelsey says she believes Cass will follow through on these promises I have to suspect she has the confidence that if/when Cass goes back on the deal that it’ll be the brothers who pay the price and not her.

What do you think of Cass and Tim’s promises to keep her in the game over Joel? Are the brothers crazy or do they have their position in the game locked down? Definitely excited to see how tonight’s eviction and HoH competition goes. We’re just a week away from the Big Brother Canada 4 finale!