Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto spoilers are in for the finale week of Big Brother Canada 4 as the last four Houseguests battled it out to control the sole eviction vote this week.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

With Feeds cutting off on Saturday things were down for most of Friday but that also meant the PoV was pulled up early and we’ll get the results before things are off for good. So who won? Read on for the spoilers.

Obviously everyone was competing today and this one would decide whether one of the three non-HoH HGs would be voting or if the brothers as HoH would pick who (Kelsey) would be voting out one of the other two. No pressure or anything!

Well guess who won… Nick. Yep, once again Nick pulled off a clutch victory for the brothers. He’s lucky it wasn’t Phil competing.

This looks like a lock for Kelsey to make the F3 and the real mystery comes down to whether it’ll be Tim or Cassandra who goes next. I’ve speculated that Kelsey may again decide to keep Cassandra just as she did last round. But don’t forget about the Final Three Treaty which should allegedly protect Tim over Cassandra so we could have a conflict there.

Gotta hand it to the brothers and their wins. I like Nick, could have done without Phil for the past 10 weeks, but I’ll be sorry to see the end of Tass arrive. Guess they should have won something, huh?

Do you think the brothers will do anything surprising and let someone beside Kelsey make the sole vote this week? It’d obviously be the only way to get Tim and Cassandra on to F3 and why we shouldn’t expect that to happen, but it’d sure be a shocker, right?

We’ve got just three episodes left so check the BBCAN4 schedule for finale week and make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!


  1. Maybe they will realize Kelsey has alot of friends in Jury and want to send he with her friends

  2. This is rigged, the boys were meant to win! That’s was BBC goal! Take when Canada choose Nicky and the brothers, who won on the roulette…….. This is such a scum….!

  3. Oh God DAMNIT!
    Basically the only thing those brothers can do right is win comps, jesus. I just hate it when terrible players stay over better players simply bc of comps. ARGH!
    This is why I hate late-game.. everything past F5 is 99.9% based on comps..

  4. BBCAN4 feeds were down for a total of 15 days, 2 hours, 35 minutes or 23.4% of the time.

      • I barely watch the feeds myself, so it’s not of my doing. But there are site that specialize into reporting minute by minute blow of what is going on in the house. Site like Jokers. They calculated that.

        On this site (or more accuretaly the BBN US), we have Branden and Matt who watch all the live feeds to report to us a minute by minute blow. From that it’s not hard to count the time the feeds are down.

  5. I was very happy to hear the brothers won PoV! Been a fan of them since the beginning. Don’t know why but I like them lol I hope they win 🙂

  6. I wonder though….Who will the brothers choose the Veto on? If they decide to keep Kelsey then they would have a problem scoring majority of the jury votes as she already has two guaranteed votes with one possible vote coming from Mitch. is their game respectable enough to warrant the votes they need to win?

      • They have to get rid of Cass/Tim first to win the game.Then it’s in the Jury’s hand to award between the 2 uninspired Finalist. Kel/brothers (to me they are))

          • Based on consensus, there is always a majority of people that agree on who is best player. Like for example, if I go by everything I read from the comments here, on facebook and on twitter, the best player was Mitch.

        • Shows how stupid the brothers are .. kels gets a few votes right away based on relationships it’s sad but true .. I stopped watching … comps are rigged for the players bb can wants for ratings … terrible end to the game Bros and kels both have no right to be there .. bring on the good and real bb this summer

          • There’s always votes based on relationships even in BBUSA. That’s just the nature of some ppl. Too bad but true!

  7. I really hope that Kelsey evicts Tim and his ego. But from what I’ve seen on the feeds she might evict Cass.

    • Looks that way, eh?! That is prob best for her game since Cass was ball to the wall…… Ppl would prob vote for her. Kelsey needs to take the bros & Tim if she has a chance to win….

      • Definitely Cass, and they all have a shot to win the game when she’s gone. Cass has the best narrative. She’s also articulate. Jury will vote for her. They already noticed and talked about her game play in the Jury house.

  8. I have to give credit to the boys! Yes for the better part of the game they sat back and just did what they were told but why not?! They didn’t need to get blood on their hands because they were sitting pretty! And then when it came time for them to play and win they won!
    So, good for them in my opinion! Sure they haven’t played the best game in Big Brother history, but really the last 4 remaining houseguests I haven’t really done too much aside from manipulation. Tim wasn’t even really playing and Cassandra hasn’t one really anything! Good for them I say!

  9. Now the second part of this equation…. Getting rid of Cassandra or Tim?!
    IMO I think they should get rid of Cassandra. Yes she hasn’t won competitions but with her manipulation she has managed to stay in the game this far. She managed to get Joel out of the house before her. She’s just done a lot of that whereas Tim for the better part of the game was just having fun! And yes he has started biting harder and winning things but he is still just having fun!
    As for jury votes, my opinion is anyone against Tim ( except for maybe the brothers! Unless they can really give a good speech on their game play and stepping up when they needed to. So I guess Phil should do all the Talking LOL) I think the jury will have in the back of their heads is that a Canadian should win and that Tim has already won some money in the house as it is plus he won Big Brother Australia so….. I think that would be most of their best choices. If Kelsey keeps Cassandra and it’s the two of them in the finals Cassandra would probably win and she would win against the brothers. I think Kelsey would beat the brothers. I would like to see Cassandra gone this week. But then again they may keep her because she’s bad at competition where has Tim clearly is better! If Cassandra was gone who would Tim take to the finals?? I think Kelsey just because he is level-headed but who knows!

    • I really like your theory of taking Tim out cuz Cass can’t really win anything. One of the comps has to be endurance in my opinion cuz they really didn’t have many endurance. If so Cass would suck at that!

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