Big Brother Canada 4 Finale Schedule

This is the final week for Big Brother Canada 4 as the season winds down to the end on May 12, 2016 at a special time for a two-hour finale event.

Big Brother Canada voting block
Big Brother Canada winner voting – Source: Global

Only three episodes remain but there are a few changes along the way to note so you know what’s coming up and don’t miss anything.

Sunday’s episode will be at the regular time of 7PM ET and will feature the nominations plus the conclusion of the HoH competition. If that’s the only thing in this show then it’ll be a waste of your time and a missed opportunity to show more events. Despite cutting off the HoH comp the results were revealed on the Feeds (HoH spoilers here) and as for the nominations those are irrelevant this week. So yeah, no events worth watching on Sunday and it’ll rely on DR filler for interest.

Wednesday’s episode is also at the regular time (9PM ET), but that show will be different with the special eviction required to get us down to the F3 for the last round of competitions. That eviction will take place earlier in the week which is why the Feeds are going down early this weekend. If the Veto comp isn’t part of Sunday’s show then they’ll have to squeeze in the Veto comp and the eviction on Wednesday.

The Big Brother Canada 4 finale will be held on Thursday starting one hour early at 7PM ET and running two hours. Here we’ll get the F3 events to decide which pair of Houseguests will move on to the end and face the Jury.

As noted above, the Big Brother Canada Feeds will turn off on Saturday afternoon for the rest of the season so get your fill now while you stil can.

Ready for the BBCAN4 season finale? Who do you want to win the season? Vote now in our poll and share your thoughts below!


  1. Thoughts on players:

    Cass: Pretty much a combination of Amanda (BB15) and Vanessa (BB16). She’s pretty much playing a slippery game and is coming off as a potential winner.

    Kelsey: Was a huge target from Day 1, and has managed to climb to the top after her two allies were evicted. May have a shot

    Paq Bros: It’s hard to read them at times considering they come off as dumb jocks. As cool as it would be to see two people win as one, I don’t think they’re playing too smart

    Tim: I think Tim has the best chance at winning. Considering how he’s able to steer ahead despite looking out of place it seems that he has the game under his thumb.

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