Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 5/5/2016

We’ve got the Big Brother Canada spoilers on who won HoH last night as Tim, Cassandra, and Nick faced off for the chance to secure a spot in the Final Three. So who won? Read on for the spoilers.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Joel had just been given the boot and was sent off to join the Jury, which you’ve also just joined as well, so that meant it was time for another Head of Household competition. But wouldn’t you know it, BBCAN did that obnoxious thing of cutting off the comp mid way as if the pretaped show just “oops!” ran out of time. Grr.

As soon as the eviction show ended the Feeds returned to all the HGs in the HoH room with Phil and Nick’s HoH baskets sitting on the coffee table. Yes, once again with the numbers stacked against the Kelsey/Paq alliance they won out.

The brothers are assured a spot in the F3. Now the real power comes with the Veto comp this week. If Tim or Cass win it then they’ll vote out, presumably, Kelsey. If Kelsey wins it, well, I think she might decide to keep Cass as a guarantee to get to the F2. That’s what I’d do!

What do you think of these results? Are you happy that Nick and Phil are safe as the HoH? Noms are on Friday, but they do not matter. Veto is on Saturday, but the Feeds go down that day and we probably won’t find out who won the PoV since those have been nighttime results.

Sunday’s show won’t even get to to surprise eviction that’s coming up since that’ll be on Wednesday’s show. Instead we’ll get a Sunday show with the second half of the HoH comp and the pointless noms. Geez, I hope they’ll go ahead and squeeze in the Veto comp, but I doubt.

Season finale next Thursday. Who do you want to win BBCAN4?


  1. So the Bro to F3. Probably will put Tim and Cass on the block, but that’s not really relevent because the POV winner is not on the block and decide who goes to jury.

    • The brothers feel very strongly that it is BBCanada and Tim shouldn’t even be there so they want him gone big time.

      • The way Big Brother works though it isn’t their call. Final 4 HOH is only good in that it gives you immunity to get to the final 3, all the power rest with whoever wins the PoV. The PoV winner can take themselves off the block, take the other person off the block or leave the noms the same. Only if the bros win PoV would they have any power on who goes home and even then it would be dependent on the person they leave off the block to vote the actual person out. Only one vote to evict at final 4 and it won’t be the brothers voting to evict so Tim shouldn’t be worried about them.

    • It kind of would have been smarter to keep Cassandra because she can’t win anything! But then keeping Tim (whoever is final two with him possibly)… They could win against him more than likely!? Because I think most of the houseguests I want a Canadian to win.
      Of course that’s if Cassandra went home or I mean to Jury which I really think she has……… Kelsey probably didn’t want to piss off the brothers because they are winning everything now and they will take her to final two for sure!!!

  2. Ugh tim was kicking it. Wonder if it is made for the bros to win? They aren’t smart enough on their own. Come on Tim win veto and vote Kelsey off.

  3. It’s a very ugly look for Canada that they don’t want an Australian to win even if he has been far and away the best player. It’s so jingoistic they should be ashamed. That isn’t Canadian pride. That is Canada being insular. It reflects poorly on Canada.

    • It’s not that hon. Tim had his chance. Australian or Canadian. Any one comes back in the house no one want to see that person wining. It’s just that simple.

      • The bottom line is the Jury makes their decision based on their game play. It’s who played the best game. It’s that simple. (historically)

  4. What the hell! Tim was winning. And now brothers are the winner!:(. How that happened!
    I’m so disappointed that Joel is gone.
    Joe you are wonderful. We love u. Hope u know that.
    And I don’t know u personally but I just love u as a person. U can never harm anyone.
    U r wonderful.

  5. well I am very curious if Cassandra threw the HOH comp like she said she was going to!
    Aside from that…….boring! I have to give it to the brothers though. Yes for the most part they did not play the game much but they never had to and now when they have to they are pulling out wins! I personally do not think they have played a bad game. Yes a few stupid moves but even with those moves they managed to stay safe! Maybe if they pulled the right moves, they could be gone by now or not make it to the final three at the very least.

  6. Between the four of them I really can’t decide who should win & who should bring whom!?
    Who should win? Who will be guaranteed to win if they make it to the final two? Who is definitely not going to win? Will Kelsey win against a brothers? Will the brothers when against Kelsey? Will Cassandra win against Kelsey? Will the brothers win against Cassandra? Will Tim when against the brothers? Against Cassandra? Against Kelsey? And so on ……..
    The only for sure win IMO is Cassandra against Tim, & mainly because I think he might throw it to her. Would he?

  7. I’m glad Joel’s out!! I could NOT take watching a grown man pout and feel sorry for himself anymore. Joel did have his sweet moments but he also had some really inappropriate moments too…like asking Nikki to sit on his lap, asking Nikki to give him 10 compliments but to make sure there were “a lot of people around so they can hear how awesome he is”!!

  8. I’m not sad Joel is gone, but I can’t help but wonder how he’s doing at the jury house.

    • Why is that Mary? The others didn’t care for Maddie after she left & it showed everyone laughing & having fun….??

      • I know, he just seems so young, immature and sensitive. He tried so hard to fit in with everyone and show how well he could play the game which of course failed big time.

        • I work with kids with special needs & it’s obvious that Joel had some special needs. He did mention he has Tourette’s syndrome. I.e. Having to turn the knob 3 x’s before he could open the door etc. Things like that.
          People with Tourette’s may have certain tics or movements but it doesn’t impair their intelligence. Although the disorder is generally lifelong and chronic, it is not a degenerative condition. Individuals with TS have a normal life expectancy. Although tic symptoms tend to decrease with age, it is possible that neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD, OCD, depression, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and mood swings can persist and cause impairment in adult life.
          I don’t think coddling or feeling sorry for anyone with special needs is healthy. I like Joel. He has lots of character but his playing both sides caught up to him. IMO his alliance letting him hang out to dry was just game play. it appeared that Joel was upset that he was caught & he may have felt like a disappointment or that he just felt like his game play was a disappointment. But he is a well rounded person that contributed lots to the show. And he was further along in the game than many other players.
          He’s probably having a blast in the jury house. Jared is there & Jared always treated him as he treated others. ‘The golden rule…’ Treat others as you’d like to be treated. That’s all. Cuz if you start feeling sorry for anyone, special needs or no special need, it wouldn’t be authentic. And ppl see right thru that…..
          Mary, I have the utmost respect for you but I thought that this info would help others to see that everyone just wants to be treated with the same dignity as anyone else.

          • Very enlightening Tink thank you so much for this. I have the utmost respect for you as well dear lady.

          • You’re watching BB18 USA soon eh? Let’s figure out our favorites & make a friendly bet later for fun? Lol
            Until then I’m limiting my TV watching. Everything on TV right now is boring.
            At least the weather is great & my garden is in & growing well! Except my basil. Some creature keeps eating it, damn it!!
            I think I need to get a flashlight & see what’s going on like at 2:00AM….. Lol not!
            Ttyl Mary!

          • Hi Tink! I most definitely will be watching BB18. You want to make a friendly bet eh? I’m game, what do you have in mind? TV right now is beyond boring but thankfully the weather has been just gorgeous here as well so it’s nice to just forget about TV and get out and enjoy it, this time of year is so short. The Amazing Race Canada should be starting soon as well and I’m looking forward to that. Are you watching the Price is Right with all the fan favs from “Survivor”, BB tonight and TAR tomorrow? It’s been awesome.

          • Yep I’m watching the P is R & one more to go. I’ve not been following Matthews BB blog but will now.
            Wager is for bragging rights! Haha!

          • Are you following on Matthew’s Big Brother Network for BB18? I haven’t seen you there.

          • Were you happy the bros won? I was ok with it. Kelsey’s answers were very patent. Tim was a joke so if the bros stepped up at the end of the game…. So be it. I just hope BB 18 is way way wayyyyyyy better!

          • I liked the bros and was ok with them winning too. I just didn’t like all the twists this year and I agree, I hope BB18 is wayyyy better as well.

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