Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 11

Well here’s a round of nominations that won’t matter for Big Brother Canada 4, but since it’s our last week we might as well have the discussion.

Paq brothers prepare for the BBCAN4 nominations
Paq brothers prepare for the BBCAN4 nominations – Source: Global

A new Head of Household took over last night and that HG will be naming two others to go up on the Block, but really the HoH’s only perk this week is securing a spot in the F3. Not a bad perk at all, but still.

So yes, the brothers won the HoH competition against Tim and Cassandra despite being outnumbered and Tim starting with a 2-point lead. Cassandra told Feedsters during a camtalk last night that she did not throw the comp. Now Tim just might have if he’s feeling good about that Final Three Treaty, but considering he was ringing in on the first two questions makes me think he really was trying.

That leaves nom options as Tim, Cassandra, or Tim or Cassandra. Okay, sure, Kelsey is there too, but the brothers won’t nom her even though it doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter?

There are three players in the house, two on the Block and one off. If one of those three wins the Veto then he or she will end up off the Block and become the sole voter of the week.

Here we can see the advantage for a pair of allies to not have one be the HoH. If Tim were the HoH and either the brothers or Kelsey won the Veto then he’d watch helplessly as they voted out Cassandra. But since he’s not and neither is Cassandra then they have the chance to control who leaves this week. Of course their only option is Kelsey since the brothers are protected as HoH.

Now should the HoH (brothers) win the Veto then they don’t get to vote but they do get to decide who will vote. That’ll be Kelsey of course. She’s promised to vote out Cassandra as part of the Treaty, but I’m not convinced she would.

Nominations are likely going to be held Friday night with the Veto on Saturday. We should get the nom results but Veto results are probably going to be after the Feeds go down on Saturday so that’s a bummer especially if the shows drag it out until Wednesday. Blah.

So there’s what to expect with the noms. Tim and Cass will go up and it’s no big deal. The big deal is Veto and everyone will be gunning hard for it.

Are you glad the brothers won HoH this week and are safe to move on to F3?