Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 4

Nominations are coming up for Big Brother Canada 4 as the new Head of Household is preparing to send two HGs to the Block for the latest round of BBCAN fun.

HoH Joel talks noms with Mitch & Loveita
Joel talks noms with Mitch & Loveita – Source: Global

Now that Christine is gone and Loveita is out of power a new target needs to be picked for the week and talks over night suggested just where this could be heading when nominations are made official tonight.

Joel and Mitch won the latest HoH competition, but in a quick rock-paper-scissors game it was Joel who took the Head of Household role. While still close to Loveita, Joel showed he was playing his own game last night with the vote to keep Cassandra. So which way does he want to go with the noms?

His choices came down to two options: Dallas & Maddy or Kelsey & Raul. Finally we might see some guys on the Block this week for Big Brother Canada!

Obviously these are two very different directions, but I like the approach Joel is taking as compared to someone like, say, Loveita. Breaking up the Dallas, Maddy, and Ramsey side of things would force the remaining players to weaken and scatter, but taking out a leg from the Third Wheel stool might be even stronger.

This morning Joel’s talks with Mitch showed he’s now leaning toward the latter with Kelsey and Raul as likely nominees. Should one of them come down then watch out Tim, because his name was tossed around as a renom.

Now we’ve got a game going on Big Brother Canada 4! What do you think of Joel’s plans here? Smart moves or dangerous strategy? We’ll find out for sure over the next few days.

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  1. I definitely want to see Jewel get some blood on his hands and really at this point I don’t really know who would be just easy to nominate without getting any blood on their hands!? There is definitely a divided in the house and the floaters!
    I never understand situations like this when there is three on one side and three on another and then the people in the middle playing it safe. Why do they not align? they would be majority. Maybe that’s what’s going to happen this week with Joel but for the love of God please please please say Loveita is not going to float to the end. And Maddie! Get rid of that boring, bitchy, insecure girl! I don’t know yet what side I really like. I don’t have to like them but I have to enjoys their drama and in my opinion Jared Raul and Kelsey are going to be more dramatic and entertaining then Maddie Ramsey and Dallas although Dallas is ready to get a lot of blood on his hands, he’s just aligned with two boring people. Do you guys really think Joel has it in him to put up Jared and Raul???

  2. I just don’t want to see Loveita ” running the show” for lack of better words this week. I cannot watch another week of her being paranoid, changing her mind every two seconds, demanding promises and what not. So I just really hope that Joel makes up his own mind and does not work with her and does not confide in her all week. She is not a threat at all! In my opinion. Winning the first week was stupid plus, she didn’t have to fight for it too hard because no one wants HOH first week and Jared gave it to her and then her second HOH was a complete fluke! So, she’s not a threat in my opinion. She drives me crazy with her wishy-washy thoughts and plus the house never evicts Who she wants out. Just saying 🙂

    • BTW, if you’re on Facebook, look for Captaine Cinq and in my timeline you will find a 30 min. Q&A with Christine. Very instructive about what is going on in the house behind the scene.

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