Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 4 Nomination Results

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for this week’s nominations with the new HoH making the promised choices official after a visit to the High Rollers room.

Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers – Source: Global

The new HoH had agreed with his teammate from the competition on just what they’d do with the nominees, but when it came time to put the names down things had changed.

Joel, the current HoH, and Mitch had discussed going after Maddy and Dallas as this week’s noms, but Joel decided it was better to split up the showmance and Third Wheel alliance.

Big Brother Canada 4 – Week 4 Nominations:

  • Kelsey
  • Raul

Things didn’t go too well for Kelsey and Raul who were both left in tears following their nominations. They’ve still got the Veto though so spirits may lift before too long.

The target here for Joel is Kelsey. He wants that showmance gone and considering BBCAN’s history that’s a smart move. Joel has promised Jared “100%” that he will not be backdoor’d should the noms change, but could he just be calming fears?

Gotta say I’m impressed with Joel’s moves here and he’s playing strong with these nominations. What do you think of them? Smart move or should he have gone with the Dallas & Maddy plan instead?

Next up we’ll be waiting on the Power of Veto competition and the players to be picked until we get an idea of where things go next. What do you think of the noms so far?

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