Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 3/17/2016

Last night on Big Brother Canada the eviction show ended with a cliffhanger teasing us with who would be the next Head of Household, but spoilers soon revealed who had won HoH thanks to the Feeds.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

It didn’t take long when the Live Feeds returned and we learned who won HoH last night was already causing a lot of panic and worry among some you’d expect to be close to the power. Very interesting.

Joel Lefevre won the HoH comp with Mitch Moffit, but Mitch agreed to give the HoH role to Joel.

Soon after the Feeds were back we could see Loveita worrying that Joel wasn’t as close to her as she had thought they were. Maddy agreed that they could be in trouble this week and the most likely targets.

Do you think he’d go with those two or a bigger threat? Then again, Loveita has two HoHs so that’s definitely a threatening player, but I don’t think he’ll possibly target her.

What do you think of the spoilers? Will Joel give us a good week of Big Brother Canada fun? Stick with us here, on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates for more BBCAN4!


  1. Hmmm seems like Joel is a Wildcard hear….hopes he stirs the pot a little and don’t just go with the house

      • I’d say 100% Mitch! but I believe he would be easily influenced by Cassandra but I can see him listening to Mitch for the final say.

          • I’m not sure how much Mitch is actually aligned with them. He’s smart so I don’t think he’s officially going to ever align with them, he’s just keeping them close until they start getting targeted which is most likely soon.

          • Me too! He’s incredibly smart, calm, likable. His DR’s last night talking about the brothers and how they are and how they react to people/confrontation was A+. I’m pegging him to win!

        • Agree!
          any updates on who Joel is leaning towards nominating? Although I don’t like Kelsey, I do like Jared and Raul so I’m really hoping he nominates Dallas and Maddie! And I can’t stand Maddie! I don’t really like Dallas either aside from he can be funny at times and he does really want to play the game hard so that’s entertainment for us! Much better than watching Loveita!! Gag!

          • You probably already know that Joel nominated Raul and Kelsey lol. A smart move, in my opinion. Kelsey needs to go in order for it to be a good move though, get rid of the showmance and without Kelsey I doubt Raul and Jared will be a strong two. But it seems like the idiots in the house want to keep Kelsey to “keep a big target to hide behind” not realizing that this lets the showmance get farther with a higher chance to start dominating. It happens every year!!

          • yeah I definitely agree it would be good for the house for Kelsey to go because she is a strong player, and a showmance & also is BFFs with Raul. Definitely one of them going now that Dallas won Veto! Who is the house talking about the big thing? Kelsey I’m assuming? I wonder what the twist is this Wednesday. ???? some people said they heard it was a fake DE.

          • The house seems to be all over the places, I hear Raul leaving, then Kelsey and back to Raul but Kelsey said she wanted to get “her people” and figure out who should leave and who should stay, lol!

            It was announced in the episode that it was the fake DE episode will air next Thursday! I don’t know how it’ll work but it’s gonna be really entertaining!

          • I completely missed that. I thought Arisa just said a “major twist next week and a twist never done before” but I didn’t hear about a fake double evection LOL that’s going to be funny and entertaining to watch for sure but, not really fair to the HGs. I have found BB Canada does that every season, a twist that isn’t fair to the game. you know what I mean? expect the unexpected! But definitely good for entertainment purposes, can’t wait!

      • I think Cassandra is definitely going to be safe so it will be interesting to see if he goes after the threesome or Dallas and Maddie or play it super safe. Definitely a wild card

      • Both & I thought he liked Tim until I read he was tossing his name around to nominate 🙁
        If he is aligned with Cassandra and trusts her then I think the threesome of Kelsey Jared and Raul Will be safe because Cassandra seems to be in their pocket but who knows! Only clear alliance right now is the obvious. I’m dying to find out Who he’s going to nominate.

  2. I’m so disappointed in Joel. Why the hell he went against the good people. I hope he nominates Jared or Kelsey or brothers.
    Shame on u Joel.

  3. Loveita isn’t a threat. She won the first HOH which was a stupid move, easier because not very many people wanted the HOH Plus she was still up against Jared? & he handed it to her and she got lucky with her second HOH, complete fluke! (I am NOT a fan of those comps) Plus her 2nd HOH she played scared and both times she was HOH the people she wanted out did not go! She is not playing a good game whatsoever!!
    I am very curious to see what Joel does. Although I don’t like Kelsey, I do like Raul and Jared so in my perfect world (right now at least) I hope she puts up Maddie and Dallas. I like Dallas initially but that quickly faded & Maddy….Gahhhh….
    It’s funny how Nikki and Tim are never considered and seem 2 b super safe right now and really liked by all. I thought Prior to them going in the house and for the first few days that they would be easy targets. I love them both! They are both hilarious. 10 is not only super super funny but very smart!

    So what do you guys think Joel is going to do? Aside from being a basket case all week stressing out LOL

      • I would rather see Maddie go. She is such a bitch. Mind you so is Kelsey but Maddie is a jealous bitch whereas Kelsey is a snobby bitch and I’ll go with the latter LOL I like Jared, Kelsey is messing up his game and I would hate to see Jared go before her. He has to stop thinking with his second brain but that’s not going to happen especially when she walks around in lingerie & is a tease and flirt even with the other guys. Makes Jared want her more! The circle of life LOL she has his balls in her hand. And I think she pulled Raul into there threesome because she doesn’t want to always be alone with Jared because she’s clearly playing him. Drama LOL
        so yeah, I would preferred to see Maddie go. Kelsey and her group are just more entertaining. But I don’t like her either. Dallas is a tough call for me because on one hand I do appreciate his gameplay and trying to make big moves but on the other hand he’s just very loud and of obnoxious a lot of the times too!
        just read Tim’s name is being thrown around 🙁 no no no! He’s way too entertaining. I don’t know who I like LOL and I don’t know who I want up and I don’t know who I want to go home. By now I am usually pretty clear on who I like and who I don’t like, but for me it’s always who’s going to be more entertaining to watch all season.

      • I get why it’s smart to put up Jared’s group however as a fan of the show I want entertainment so having Jared’s group still in the house/Kelsey mainly means more entertainment for me as a viewer. but totally smart to evict her. Each week is so back-and-forth LOL now that we know Dallas is in control with the Veto, we know he is not going to change the NOM’s… so Kelsey or Raul Will be going home unless the BB twist saves them both somehow. Like a BB rewind, or something like that! I don’t like Kelsey, she’s mean but I don’t want her to go yet because she’s entertainment. make sense?

  4. Christine played a lousy game. Being old is tough and the only guy to have truly mastered it was Donny the groundsman from American BB16. He aced the younger folk and only fell at the last. If she had been serious about winning, she would have studied his game ahead of time.

  5. I would like to see Dallas gone this week; he is the most annoying HG this season. Why hasn’t he been on anyone’s radar? There’s not much of a chance of Joel going after the third wheel b/c MItch wouldn’t support it since he’s working with them for now. Looks like this will be Mitch’s HOH

    • Nikki comes across as annoying, funny annoying but she’s just really passionate LOL LOL
      I really cannot stand Maddie at all! And Dallas is pretty arrogant and obnoxious however I do like the fact he wants to play the game hard. But I still would be happy to see him leave.

  6. I disagree with u 100%. Nicky is the most honest person in this year’s group (so far) lol. I really really like her.
    Dallas is smart and intelligent. He can see how things are.
    Joel don’t make a stupid move. Put brothers in the block along with Kelsey.

    • he won’t do that. I don’t think he’s going to waste his HOH but I don’t think he will put up the brothers. He’s going to have to take aside this week that’s for sure! Well unless he plays it safe but at this point I don’t know who is a safe bet to put up. Nikki? Tim? Loveita would be the only safe play as far as I know!? And then put a pawn up beside her like Nikki or Tim. But these opinions are based on what I’ve seen up until a few days ago, prior to Joel winning HOH so I could be totally wrong LOL I have no idea what’s going on right now with where everyone is that aside from the two threesomes.

  7. When I see bbc it really shows the most dangerous people are the one who tells you they are your friends on your face and actually look honest and they actually working against u instead of those people who are what they are and everyone sees what side they are in. I don’t like Joel’s game. He is the most dangerous player in the house. Levita and Kelsey are not because they are who they are and they are transparent.
    In real life I’d rather be friends with people like Kelsey levita Nicky or Cassandra.

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